Emmerdale’s Gabby Thomas makes exit threat after humiliation

Gabby Thomas, who is threatening to permanently leave the village, will have another major plotline on Emmerdale.

The unlucky-in-love character attempted to exact revenge on Billy Fletcher after their embarrassing near-kiss drama by telling him she would tell Dawn if he didn’t cooperate and beat up Nicky Miligan.

Rosie Bentham’s character, who was broken up with by Nicky when he revealed their engagement was a fraud, is still hurting, as viewers of the soap opera are aware.

Kim Tate, who quickly stepped in to maintain order, managed to put an end to Gabby’s misguided attempt to blackmail Billy. The entrepreneur stopped the cunning scheme, standing behind Billy and Dawn while further humiliating Gabby by accusing her of always being the victim.

With no one to turn to and feeling rejected, Gabby decides to use one more bluff to attempt to get her way. In the new scenes, she is adamant on selling her stake in the companies because she wants to cut her ties with Home Farm and finally move on from the Dales.

Will she actually go and bring Thomas along, or will she change her mind?

Earlier this summer, Suni Sharma and Nicky, Gabby’s ex-fiance who had come out as gay after the big con expose, began dating.

While Gabby watched, hurt that Nicky was going on with his life while she was still grieving the split, the two sealed the deal with a kiss at the café. After the event, Gabby and Nicky got into a fight, and during the fight, Gabby mistakenly punched Billy instead of her ex.

At home, Billy consoled a hurt Gabby who had mistakenly gone in for a kiss and been turned away.

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