Emmerdale’s Gabby Thomas future in village in doubt after plan backfires

Fans of Emmerdale have witnessed how Gabby (Rosie Bentham’s character) lately turned her attention to Nicky, her live-in nanny (Lewis Cope). She hasn’t been able to further their connection, but ITV soap opera spoilers indicate she will soon make some bad choices in order to romance him. Could she leave the village as a result of this?

In yet-to-air scenes, Gabby becomes irate as Nicky repeatedly rejects her approaches.

She finally sparks a spark as she asks him to zip up her dress.

She feels relieved that she is finally making progress and is aware that Nicky cannot look away from her.

Because she is his boss, Nicky is hesitant to initiate a relationship with her.

She chooses to temporarily fire him in an effort to resolve this, which Nicky finds disappointing.

Yet when he opts to resign, she is left regretting her choice.

When Kim Tate learns what has transpired, she probably won’t be pleased with Gabby.

Nicky and Gabby were conversing a few weeks earlier when Gabby attempted to kiss him.

Nicky said, “We can’t, you’ve got the wrong impression,” as she withdrew.

In response to Gabby’s statement, “I thought you liked me,” Nicky said, “I do, but not like that – I’m sorry.”

He got up and departed, humiliating Gabby. She has nevertheless persisted in her attempts to seduce Nicky ever since he began working at Home Farm.

Kim, the owner of Home Farm, won’t like how Gabby treated him.

Nicky first arrived in the community to look after Dawn Taylor’s (Olivia Bromley) kids.

Dawn ultimately decided she did not want to work for Kim, and Gabby stepped in to ask Nicky if he would be interested in working for her and caring for her baby, Thomas.

Kim complied, and he soon moved in. Later, Gabby was appointed Kim’s deputy.

Would Kim be able to fire Gabby if she found out what she’s been up to?

She might come to the realization that Gabby isn’t as responsible as she had imagined and stop giving her such a crucial responsibility.

Furthermore, Gabby will have to take care of Thomas on her own now that Nicky is gone.

How may Gabby react if Kim decides to fire her?

Kim, who is eager to support the young mother because Thomas is her grandchild, has helped the young mother get back on her feet.

Could Gabby opt to leave the town if there is a gap between the two women?

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