Emmerdale’s Gabby Thomas calls off engagement as Nicky’s true motive exposed

On Emmerdale, Lewis Cope’s Nicky Milligan recently asked Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) to marry him.

She has completely fallen in love with the nanny and is blissfully clueless that there has been criminal activity going on below the surface. However, Emmerdale rumors suggest Gabby will start to doubt Nicky’s motives the following week and may break off the engagement.

On the ITV serial last week, Caleb Milligan (Will Ash) was revealed to be Nicky’s father.

Together, the two are working to depose Kim Tate (Claire King) and take control of Home Farm for themselves since they feel it is their birthright.

As part of his retribution strategy, Caleb, who is actually Frank Tate’s (Norman Bowler) hidden son, intends to take everything Kim owns.

Since Nicky has been serving as her son’s nanny, he has made friends with Gabby in an effort to get to know everyone at Home Farm.

Although they had been having covert relationships for some time, things became more serious when Nicky recently asked Gabby to be his wife.

She’s been over over heels for Nicky for weeks, but things are about to change in the next few scenes.

According to ITV soap opera spoilers, Nicky’s nefarious scheme may have caught Gabby’s attention because he seemed eager to expedite the wedding.

His advances leave Gabby perplexed, and she doesn’t understand why he wants to exchange vows so soon.

Will he be able to persuade her that he is wildly in love with her when she begins to question his motives?

Nicky told Caleb earlier this week that he has absolutely no feelings for Gabby, but his father urged that he acted as though he did.

Will Gabby eventually catch on to Nicky’s plan and discover that he is in fact linked to Caleb?

Could Nicky’s overzealous planning of the wedding have damaged the idea to marry Gabby?

actor Caleb Will has hinted that there will be a lot of “fireworks” when the community learns the truth at last.

The actor told The Media that because there is a foot in both families, it might be a little of a strain for them both.

They used that technique in a very innovative way to test how much disturbance these characters can cause.

The conflict between the Tates and the Dingles has always existed, but it will intensify now.

There are many fireworks about to go off, he continued, and what Caleb and Nicky are trying to do is “really big.”

Will Gabby or a different resident be the one to reveal Caleb and Nicky’s scheme?

How will Kim respond when she realizes she’s been duped and is enraged?

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