Emmerdale’s Faith Dingle’s secret link to Frank Tate ‘revealed’ in scene shot in 2018

As Faith Dingle’s relationship with Frank Tate was “exposed” in the most recent episode of Emmerdale, many were left in disbelief.

It has been established that Caleb Miligan is the long-hidden child of the late Frank Tate. The news that Faith and Frank had a child together shocked the audience.

Although Faith didn’t make her public debut until 2004 and Frank passed away in 1997, it’s thought the two met or were acquainted in the 1970s or just around that time. Fans may remember that in 2018, Faith was revealed to have shoved Frank’s wife Kim Tate off a balcony at Home Farm, according to a report from Mirror Online.

The revelation that Caleb’s father was Frank happened before he arrived in 2022, and it was all made public this week. After Faith gave birth in a prison, according to Caleb, he was abandoned as a newborn.

Faith gave up Shadrach when she realized the child wasn’t his. Fans now claim that something occurred between them and that 2018 may have been a significant prelude to what was to come.

Except from the fact that the Dingles and the Tates were rival families at the time Kim Tate was pushed, it wasn’t clear why Faith would have done it.

Although though Kim continued to treat the family horribly, especially Charity Dingle, it wasn’t really enough to justify Faith almost killing her.

While it was never fully made known to other characters that Kim had allowed Frank to die, fans now believe that Faith pushed Kim in retaliation for her allowing him to die. Some people hypothesized that it could explain Faith’s choice to harm Kim and cement the notion that Faith was upset with herself for what she did to Frank.

Later, in another scene, she confronted Kim, stating, “That’s what you Tates do all the time, isn’t it?” Could this have been a reference to her and Frank giving up their kid Caleb since she was talking about them being spoilt and doing whatever it took to obtain what they wanted?

What exactly transpired between them and if Frank was aware of the baby are still unanswered questions. After Faith passed over a year ago, only Caleb and Nicky currently are aware of their connection to the Tates.

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