Emmerdale’s Faith Dingle wows viewers with her eccentric dancing

The bizarre dance routines of Faith Dingle astounded Emmerdale watchers.

The Emmerdale hamlet has recently been embroiled in scandal as Sandra tried to take Rishi’s money and Al and Chas reveled in their fledgling relationship.

Faith, who lives across the street, has transformed her house into a temporary disco, seemingly unfazed by the trouble.

As she dusted the furnishings, Faith danced her way through the kitchen. Even after receiving reprimands from Paddy and Chas, she took Soft Cell’s Tainted Love under her wing and maintained the pace.

Although Faith stated that she loved the song before “Boy George got his hands on it,” Chas’s repeated requests for her mother to behave were received with admiration for the original performer. Viewers who sent their admiration for the actress over the scene took notice of the dancing and “iconic” behavior. “I’m infatuated with faith dancing,” one spectator remarked.

“I can relax when I’m dead, oh Faith,” said another.

“I’ll relax when I’m dead hehe I will miss faith when she is gone,” a third viewer remarked.

A series of laughing emojis were added as a final comment, “Faith dancing legendary!”

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