Emmerdale’s Ethan in shock as Marcus’ secret is finally exposed amid ‘affair’ twist

When Ethan from Emmerdale finally learns Marcus Dean’s secret next week, he will be in disbelief.

As the couple desperately tries to mend their relationship despite some challenges for the duo, viewers of the ITV soap opera have been guessing that something isn’t quite right between the two. When Ethan receives a letter from a mystery man and later sees him getting into a stranger’s car, some viewers are sure he might be having an affair.

The two have been struggling lately due to the drama involving Ethan’s boss Greg, whom Ethan reported to their employer after he touched Marcus, the couple’s lover. He appears to have gotten away with it, at least temporarily.

In the upcoming week, things will get increasingly rougher for Ethan and Marcus, but not before they finally receive some positive news.

When they are able to make things right, the two are elated, and Ethan is especially happy. However, as it becomes clear that Marcus harbors a hidden guilt regarding something that transpired, things quickly become challenging once more.

Meanwhile, Ethan intends to pop the question to Marcus, but he will be in for a shocking surprise. Has he learned anything that could endanger their future at a time when everything seems to be going well for them again?

Executive producer of Emmerdale Jane Hudson recently hinted that the Anderson family, including Ethan, might experience a lot of turbulence in the future.

We have the Anderson family, including Charles, Ethan, Naomi, and Manpreet who is with Charles, she said. Charles and Manpreet finally have a place of their own, which is wonderful. And we will watch Ethan and Marcus go through a difficult trip together on film, which will leave Ethan young, free, and single. Where will that leave us?

The Anderson family has a lot planned for this year, and Charles in particular will experience a lot of change, she continued.

However, I won’t reveal what it is right now; instead, you’ll have to watch for it to happen a little later on in the year.

It comes following reports that Darcy Gray, who portrays Marcus in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, had chosen to leave the village. He started working on the show last year, but he has already shot his final scenes and will leave the Dales at the end of this month.

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