Emmerdale’s Ethan Anderson and Marcus Deans’ relationship on the rocks as truth exposed

After a string of unfortunate incidents, the couple appeared to be back on track, but Ethan Anderson and Marcus Dean from Emmerdale (played by Emile John) may soon part ways (Darcy Grey). ITV viewers will see Ethan receive a major shock amid his affair concerns in scenes slated to air next week.

Ethan and Marcus’ recent struggles have been brought on by issues involving Ethan’s sleazy boss Greg (Daniel Betts).

Marcus reported Greg to the company for touching him, but when things got complicated when his boyfriend and Naomi (Karene Peter) tried to lay a trap, he was compelled to abandon the accusation.

They planned to use Nate Robinson to capture Greg acting inappropriately, but things became heated and Marcus ended up hitting Greg as the situation worsened.

Ethan dropped the accusation because he didn’t want Marcus to be accused of assault, and the couple decided it was time to start a family.

A further development in their relationship saw viewers witness Ethan messaging an unknown man, raising suspicions that he was an unfaithful partner.

Marcus immediately assumes the worst when he sees his companion getting into a stranger’s car, but his worries soon vanish as the two start talking again.

they’re happy to be at a decent spot. Ethan intends to propose to Marcus in an effort to take their relationship seriously.

When Ethan is about to receive a major shock, he is unaware that his admirer is concealing a secret guilt.

According to an Express.co.uk theory, Marcus’s own adultery may have caused him to assume Ethan was cheating on him right away.

Because of the ups and downs in their relationship over the past several weeks, it’s probable that Marcus has had enough and is looking for love elsewhere.

Although actor Darcy Grey’s departure from the show was only made public, it’s probable that the imminent disclosure contributed to his decision to leave.

The 31-year-old began appearing in Emmerdale in February of last year as Pierce Harris’s hidden son (Jonathan Wrather).

The actor is rumored to have already shot his final scene and decided to leave the long-running drama to pursue other opportunities.

On the departure, a source stated to the media: “Marcus’ stay in the community naturally came to an end.

“The door has been left open, but Darcy wants to expand his wings.”

After implying last month that his characters Marcus and Ethan will experience “quite a journey” over the next weeks, he left the show.

We’ve had our Anderson family here, including Charles, Ethan, Naomi, and of course Manpreet, who is with Charles, she said. Charles and Manpreet now have a home of their own, which is wonderful.

“We’re going to watch Ethan go through a lot with Marcus, and when that happens, Ethan will be young, free, and single. Where will it go us?

“There is going to be a lot happening for Charles in particular, but I’m not going to tell you what that is right now; you’ll have to keep watching because it happens a little later in the year,” she said.

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