Emmerdale’s Esme motive ‘rumbled’ by fans as they work out killer Manpreet twist

Emmerdale fans haven’t warmly embraced the presentation of Esme and her little girl Naomi Walters after the pair were seen attempting to control Manpreet Sharma.

Naomi has been attempting to get her father Charles Anderson on-side after Manpreet blamed her for going after him, yet late scenes saw her natural mum Esme’s vile streak emerge.

Presently fans are certain something much hazier could be prowling from here on out, and that Esme could go above and beyond and endeavor to get rid of Manpreet in a more long-lasting way.

If she somehow happened to kill Charles’ accomplice, it would open up the entryway for them to reunite and turn into a nuclear family with Naomi and Ethan included.

Taking to Twitter to air their speculations, one extremely observant fan anticipated: “Was Esme having digs at Manpreet due to Naomi or on the grounds that she needs Charles back?!”

One more said: “Wouldn’t believe that Naomi and Esme to the extent that I could toss them,” as a third fan posted: “Esme is going to go legitimate psycho on Manpreet. She is now fantasizing about the family that won’t ever be.”

Anticipating more homicide in the Dales, another person posted: “Esme and Naomi, their joined energy is terrifying. I see dead individuals in the town’s future #Emmerdale.”

As another watcher said: “Keep thinking about whether Naomi and Esme have concocted something between them to get what they think Esme is ‘owed’ or something, particularly since Naomi didn’t actually maintain that anything should do with Charles and made him much more frantic to get to know her/set things right.”

“Naomi believes Charles should get back with Esme!” another person wrote.

A few fans have even recommended that Naomi probably won’t be Charles’ genuine girl all things considered, and could essentially be a scalawag gaining by his agreeableness – having collaborated with Esme to take advantage of him.

One hypothesis presented by Express.co.uk recommended that the genuine Naomi could try and be dead, with Charles’ current ‘little girl’ acting like a fraud.

Concerning Esme star Eva Fontaine, it’s a long way from her most memorable rodeo in the realm of Emmerdale, as she has played a few distinct characters in the cleanser previously.

In 2019 she showed up in a few episodes as an expert, and again in 2018 as a named doctor called Dr Hamley.

She has a decent history in the realm of cleansers, nonetheless, showing up as Claire Amartey in EastEnders back in 2019, as well as having featuring jobs in Casualty and Doctors.

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