Emmerdale’s ‘double warning’ announcement before emotional ending for Leyla

Fans of Emmerdale noticed a “double warning” before tonight’s dramatic episode, with ITV alerting viewers to “strong emotions and disturbing moments” rather than the customary “distressing scenes” warning alone

This evening’s episode of Leyla’s story continued as the cocaine addict struggled mightily to mend her marriage to husband Liam after her stay in the hospital. Leyla was fortunate to be alive after having a heart attack and falling into a coma as a result of her drug addiction.

However, Liam did not give her the warm welcome home that she had hoped for since, in the heartbreaking conclusion, he told her that she and their marriage were “cursed.” Fans swiftly criticized Liam for using foul language.

Declared Ryan Glendenning “People calling Leyla selfish when she is an addict who is battling a drug addiction that she couldn’t control. Liam calling Leyla cursed. Liam that was BANG OUT OF ORDER. In contrast to my irritation with Liam for being harsh with Leyla, I truly feel sad for her.”

Declaring Conor McKenna “Even if Leyla made a terrible mistake, the woman had only recently suffered a heart attack. At least while she is healing, Liam could attempt to be a little less harsh.” “Well done Liam, Leyla will be heading out the door after more coke,” stated Teena Massam.

Fans were left concerned about the couple’s future because it appears like their marriage may be in jeopardy. Is there truly no way to get Leyla and Liam back now, tragically, asked Grianne Doherty? Just over a year of marriage and they’ve already experienced a lot.

“Meena, losing Andrea and Leanna, shooting Leyla, and now her drug abuse. What’s going on, really? What quantity will ruin any marriage?

Fans, however, were also commenting about Gabby’s blind date this evening in addition to Leyla and Liam. Some fans guessed that Kit would be the one she was meeting, and they weren’t wrong.

Laurel, Gabby’s step-mom, who she didn’t know was seeing Kit, gave her an impromptu pep talk about remaining safe on her date just before she left to meet her mystery date.

Given how regularly Kit visits Marlon, @ifeelflames commented, “I figured Gabby would have seen Laurel with [Kit] at this time, or at the very least know who he was.” “Kit bed Laurel now going to do the same with Gabby can’t wait for it all to come out now,” @benthamfans further said.

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