Emmerdale’s Dawn Taylor set for reunion with ‘daughter she gave away’ in shock twist

Dawn Taylor, a cast member of Emmerdale, and her husband Billy Fletcher are parents to one child, Lucas Taylor, and as of right now, they have no plans to expand their brood.

The mother of one may be reluctant to have another kid for a valid reason, according to a new theory, and that reason has everything to do with her past.

ITV soap opera viewers speculate that Dawn may have already abandoned another kid, but could her past catch up with her?

It was hinted that Dawn would unexpectedly see her estranged child in scenes that will show.

Dawn is delivered the sad news that Beth, her former best friend from her earlier years, has passed away from a drug overdose, something she always foresaw happening.

A troubled Dawn is divided about going to the funeral because she fears that thinking about her former life would trigger too many memories.

Billy, her husband, persuades her to go, warning her that if she doesn’t say her last goodbyes to her former friend, she might live to regret her choice.

Dawn reluctantly decides to go to the funeral, but when she approaches Jade, another flashback from the past and potential trigger for Dawn, she quickly realizes she made the wrong decision.

Even though Dawn has a strong gut instinct that this is not a good idea, she decides to return to her friend’s home to check if she has also changed for the better.

Despite her initial hope, Dawn quickly learns that Jade is still deeply mired in her problems and is doing drugs. Even more upsetting, Dawn learns that Jade has a child living in her home, who doesn’t seem to be receiving proper care.

Jade, who by this time is experiencing a high, discloses that the child is actually Beth’s daughter named Clemmie, who is unaware that her mother has passed away at the moment.

In a desperate act, Dawn, a mother of one, offers Jade financial assistance while offering to take Clemmie back to live with her. Dawn is worried about Clemmie, and things only become worse when a menacing man shows up at the house.

As things become more heated, tensions increase, but Dawn is able to leave the house with Clemmie in tow after parting with some money. When she returns to the village, Billy is shocked that his wife has brought a child home to live with them and inquires of Dawn as to how long it is going to be for.

Billy implores his wife to call social services so they can set up suitable care for Clemmie, but a terrified Dawn flatly refuses to involve the services.

Billy gives Dawn a deadline and specifies that the child can stay for only one more night, but it appears like Dawn is unwilling to let Clemmie go. According to one idea, this may be because Clemmie is truly Dawn’s child and Lucas’ twin.

It is suggested that Dawn tell her husband that although she was told she was expecting twins when she found out she was expecting, she didn’t know it until she went into labor with Lucas.

Dawn might have surrendered Clemmie to Beth, who had already turned her life around, as she was aware that she couldn’t care for both her son and her daughter.

She believed that Beth would be a better parent to the child than living with her, but sadly, Beth’s life took a turn for the worst and she may have died as a result of her drug use.

Now that all of her kids are back in her life, Dawn can tell Billy that she wants to retain Clemmie so they may start a real family.

Billy would continue to be hesitant since Clemmie would think Beth was her mother and be perplexed as to why she is no longer present.

But will Dawn be honest with Clemmie, or will she persuade her daughter that her life with Beth wasn’t entirely a lie?

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