Emmerdale’s Dawn Fletcher makes a big decision after death news

Dawn Fletcher’s upcoming storyline for Emmerdale has been detailed.

After Dawn learns that a friend has passed away, the ITV soap will delve into her history.

In the programs airing the following week, Dawn learns that her close friend Beth overdosed on drugs and died.

Dawn, who is distraught, makes the decision to go to the funeral with the assistance of her husband Billy.

Following the service, Dawn visits with Jade, another old acquaintance, and they talk about the past.

Dawn accepts Jade’s invitation to visit her home even though she knows in her heart that it’s definitely not a smart idea.

Dawn is shocked to discover Clemmie, a toddler, at Jade’s dilapidated home.

Jade explains that Clemmie is Beth’s daughter and that she is unaware of her mother’s passing since she consumes drugs.

Dawn makes the decision to step in because she realizes Clemmie isn’t in a safe environment here.

At first, she tries to give Jade money to assist her out through this trying period, but things get nasty.

Then, in an effort to protect Clemmie, Dawn takes things a step further by bringing her back to the village.

Dawn refuses to contact social services as required by Billy, who insisted that she do so.

Will Billy be able to persuade Dawn to act honorably the following morning? Billy eventually agrees that Clemmie can remain with them for one night.

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