Emmerdale’s Danny Miller’s nerves at returning to soap after ‘year of doing nothing’

Danny Miller felt “nervous” about returning to Emmerdale.

This month, for a very special event to honor the soap opera’s 50th anniversary, the actor who portrays Aaron Dingle on the ITV serial will reprise his role. Aaron will come home to make amends with his family as part of the dramatic sequences.

Prior to appearing on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, which he ultimately won and took the title of King of the Castle, Danny left the show last year. Since that time, Danny has relished spending time with his wife Steph and their son Albert at home.

I keep in touch with many of different people, he remarked when speaking to The Mirror and other media. You see, I have Dominic and Lucy from the cast as well as my friend Lee, who works as an assistant director.

It seemed like I hadn’t actually been away to many people, including Jeff Hordley, with whom I maintain regular contact, or it was similar to the sense you had after returning from a two-week vacation. I now believe that it was a good thing that I was anxious. I never wanted to feel like I was simply sort of slipping back in or that it would be simple.

Danny acknowledges that, despite his nervousness, it was a “nice thing.”

“I believe it was for the best that I was anxious to meet everyone when I returned and that I was still capable of doing it after a year of doing virtually nothing with Albert. And it’s wonderful to see that the brain is still functional, he continued.

Danny put on Aaron’s boots to resume his duties and felt better right away.

He said, “When I left last year, they very kindly gave some of his nicer clothing. They brought in a few new things, and the old stuff was still there, and it just seemed strange.

On the first day, they first put me in trainers, and I thought he didn’t feel right. They don’t need to be muddy as if he’s been working, I replied.

“But I believe he resembles a pair of Doc Marten boots more than a Timberland boot for working people. I thus requested if I might have the old boots back, which they kindly granted, and it was strange as I put them on and thought, OK, that feels a little better.”

Danny said that coming back to the show to commemorate its 50th anniversary was a “honor.”

“It was an honor that they invited me to the performance to wish them a happy birthday. Being home and seeing everyone has been wonderful.

There are many new faces as well as many familiar ones, and it’s been good to get to know them and catch up with people I haven’t seen in more than a year, “He talked of his lovely reunion with his fellow actors.

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