Emmerdale’s Danny Miller’s charity he founded with fellow actor

Danny Miller of Emmerdale and a fellow actor co-founded a foundation that supports young people going through loss.

The actor, who portrayed Aaron Dingle in Emmerdale, and fellow actor Daniel Jillings co-founded the Manchester-based Once Upon a Smile children’s grief charity.

The foundation was established in August 2011 and offers bereaved families both emotional and material support. It was established as it became clear that there was no help available for families who had lost a loved one.

in particular, a parent, child, or sibling. The foundation works to lessen the terrible effects it has on children’s lives and family relationships.

On the Once Once A Smile website, it says: “We already knew we would help grieving families in their hour of need; we just needed to figure out how.

“The name, Once Upon a Smile, came immediately after we made our support decisions.

“a nonprofit that offers financial assistance and respite breaks to bereaved families after the death of a parent, child, or sibling.

“We made the decision to allow recommendations to be made on behalf of families by hospitals and hospices because we understood we needed to be meticulous in how people could access the care we were offering.

We were aware from the beginning that the most crucial quality would be “long-term assistance” and that the charity would require a strong financial foundation.

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