Emmerdale’s Danny Miller reveals son’s ‘big part’ in wedding to fiancée Steph

The Emmerdale actor Danny Miller is shortly to wed, and his kid is expected to play a significant role in the ceremony.

In only two weeks, the actor Aaron Dingle and his fiancée Steph Jones will wed.

The couple dated briefly while still in high school and have been together for about three years.

The preparation for the big day, however, has been “stressful” for the couple, as it is with any wedding.

We’re getting married in two weeks, so we’re just finishing up the preparations for that, Danny said at the TRIC Awards.

Although it has been really difficult, it has been great and I cannot wait to wed her.

Danny Miller wedding

She is my true love, and I can’t wait to wed her right away.

Last October, Danny’s partner gave birth. As a result, the couple has struggled to balance child responsibilities and wedding planning.

Danny continued to joke that despite being so young, the child will have a role in the wedding.

I don’t know if I’ll reveal anything, but I will say that he plays a significant role at the end of the evening.

A few weeks before Danny entered the I’m A Celebrity castle, Albert was born on October 25, 2021.

Because of this, at the time, viewers of the show teased Danny for choosing to abandon his son when he was just a few weeks old.

Danny retaliated though, saying he wanted to support his family.

In the meantime, Danny lately acknowledged that he would adore to have a second child soon.

If it occurs that they are born within a year of one another, he remarked, “that would be fantastic. If it occurs that they are born a few years later, we’d be delighted any way.”

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