Emmerdale’s Danny Miller nervous about shock return and only his wife could calm him

Danny Miller, a star of Emmerdale, has admitted that only his wife was able to calm him down before his shocking comeback to the soap opera.

Aaron Dingle’s actor left the ITV program last year, but he unexpectedly received a call inviting him to appear in the show’s 50th anniversary episodes.

Despite having previously spent eight years in Emmerdale, Danny claimed that returning felt like his first day of school.

He acknowledges that it was tense and rather anxiety-inducing.

“I married my wife Steph because she is simply great and always makes me feel peaceful.

We always communicate our feelings to one another, so I told her I was feeling quite apprehensive the day before I returned to Emmerdale.

“I considered spending the previous night in a motel, but I wouldn’t have been able to sleep. She wouldn’t have been there, and I would have been a frightened wreck.

“My brain hasn’t really been worked out in that way for a whole year because I basically took a year off.

I was concerned about whether I would still be able to do it and whether I would sound the same. There were a lot of bizarre and foolish ideas that weren’t necessary.

“I even packed myself a lunch like a nine-year-old boy and left 45 minutes early to make sure I wasn’t late. It felt like the first day back at school.

“I worked myself up a little and experienced some butterflies. But after discussing it with Steph, we broke it down.

She helped me realize that I was essentially just returning to say hello, tie up a few loose ends, and wish Emmerdale a happy 50th birthday. I should just take it all in since I wouldn’t be there for very long.

“I was happy to see her there. The day before I went in, our son Albert was teething, so he kept me occupied while she calmed me down. It meant that towards the end of the day, I was exhausted, so I had a good night’s sleep.

Danny has previously spoken openly about his battle with depression and anxiety, attributing Steph, a midwife, with helping him get through his “lowest times” in life.

The couple started dating while they were in high school after meeting in Stockport, Greater Manchester, at a primary school.

After Danny graduated from high school, they lost touch before reconnecting three years ago when he messaged her on Instagram.

Danny remembers: “I left school the year before her and we parted ways for ten years, during which time I was residing in Leeds.

“Now that we’re married, it seems weird because we were friends in elementary and secondary school.

It seems like a plot from Emmerdale that I’ve ended up getting married to my childhood sweetheart.

In 2019, the couple got engaged, and Steph gave birth to their son Albert in the fall of 2018.

Then, this summer, they were married in a celebrity-studded wedding in Cheshire.

My wife knows me better than anyone, adds Danny. We frequently discuss our memories of elementary and high school.

“She understands precisely how I feel, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life serving her because she has done so much for my mental health.

The actor triumphed on “I’m a Celebrity” last year.

Take Me Away From Here! but has otherwise dedicated the majority of this year to being Albert’s full-time father.

“I made that promise to myself and to Steph,” he recalls. “I’m a Celebrity had excellent timing because it meant I could be away from Albert for three weeks and then spend the rest of the year with him.

“I have definitely become more family-oriented since living with them. I want to get out of bed in the morning because of Albert.

I’ve really liked it, but now I need to get back to work and look into new opportunities so that when I pop my clogs, Steph and Albert will have some money.

Aaron appears on Emmerdale just as Terry, the show’s bully, has knocked half-sister Liv (Isobel Steele) down cold (Neil Bell).

Terry is asking her to retract a statement she made to the police about how she was duped by Terry and Sandra (Joanna Mitchell).

Terry is attacked by Aaron as he rushes away in panic.

Paramedics are called when police officer Harriet Finch arrives on the scene, but Aaron is the one who is ultimately taken into custody.

It unquestionably occurs at the wrong time, according to Danny.

He enters his home and notices a stranger who may be anyone. However, given the anxiety-filled situation, Aaron responds as usual by hitting.

As soon as it occurs, Harriet enters, forcing her to arrest the man.

Danny acknowledges that although though it has just been a little over a year since his last appearance, spectators would notice a change in his appearance.

He laughs, “My hair is longer and I haven’t worked out much, so now I’ve got a bit of a dad bod.”

It doesn’t worry me since I’m content with who I am. Albert and I would be having more fun than working out in the gym.

At age 16, Danny made his television debut in Grange Hill. At age 17, he joined Emmerdale in 2008.

Aaron assisted his paraplegic boyfriend Jackson Walsh in taking his own life during his first assignment, working with Jackson’s mother Hazel, who is portrayed by Pauline Quirke.

He stayed for four years before moving on to appear in the ITV drama Lightfields and the Scott & Bailey police drama Scott & Bailey.

He returned to Emmerdale in 2014 and has since been a part of numerous award-winning storylines, most notably Aaron and Robert Sugden’s heartfelt romance, fondly known as Robron.

Aaron left the Dales last year when Danny made the decision to leave because he wanted a new beginning after the loss of his boyfriend Ben Tucker.

Liv was incarcerated at the moment after being falsely accused of killing Ben.

“Aaron ended up being fairly silent in the show towards me leaving, which encouraged me want to leave and expand my wings,” Danny explains of his choice to depart.

“I thought it was a really excellent time to let him have a break and allow the show have a rest. He’d done so much in five or six years that there wasn’t a huge amount more he could do.

“I was taken aback when Emmerdale contacted me and asked if I wanted to return.

Since it has only been a year, I was first unsure whether to accept the role or not. However, after I realized I could do it on a temporary basis and that Aaron would play a significant role in the 50th plot, I decided it would be fantastic.

When his time in Emmerdale is finished, Danny already has a few gigs lined up, but he won’t rule out a more long-term comeback.

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