Emmerdale’s Daisy Campbell gets messages from mums about tough Amelia storyline

Daisy Campbell, who plays Rosie Bentham’s co-star in Emmerdale, stated that she was recently the target of burglars while on vacation.

The actress, who takes on the role of Amelia Spencer in the ITV serial opera, appeared on Lorraine with guest host Ranvir Singh.

The 15-year-old star’s character recently discovered she was pregnant, leaving her dumbfounded.

Additionally, it appears that she will face some difficult decisions in the future.

She discussed the impending pregnancy plot for her character when conversing with Ranvir.

The 18-year-old said she recently went on vacation with Gabby Thomas co-star and best friend Rosie Bentham to unwind from her character’s intense storyline.

Her bag was stolen along with everything inside, so it wasn’t as relaxing as anticipated.

She stated: “We went to Ibiza together because Rosie, who plays Gabby on the show and is my best friend, and I had the trip scheduled for a year.

However, we misplaced our bags, the soap star continued. All of our belongings, including our bags and phones, were stolen, and I was especially upset about my phone because it contained all of my information.”

But it was kind of nice, she continued, “because we didn’t have a phone for one night, so we just kind of lived our lives, it was the best feeling.”

Later, she discussed her dramatic plot and described how it caused followers to react.

Teen mothers who think she has done the story justice have, according to Daisy, sent her a number of messages.

Daisy stated: “I’ve had a lot of feedback from young people because I wanted to do this right, especially for the young teen mothers. I’ve gotten plenty of comments saying that I’m doing it right. They are the reason I’m doing this, not myself.

The actress has joined ITV’s mental health initiative Britain Get Talking, which aims to inspire people to take care of their mental health by interacting with others.

She said that given that Amelia feels like she has nowhere to turn, her current predicament is relevant to the campaign.

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