Emmerdale’s Clemmie in shock paternity twist as Dawn and Billy battle for custody

The exact parentage of newcomer Clemmie will be revealed to Emmerdale viewers next week, providing them with yet another DNA surprise.

After Beth’s funeral, Dawn Fletcher went to another old friend Jade’s house for an unplanned wake. It was then that she learned Beth had a daughter.

Dawn, however, soon spotted young Clemmie, who had been left in Jade’s “care” following her mother’s passing, resting in a dog bed in the kitchen.

A distraught Dawn gave Jade £40 and fled with Clemmie back to the hamlet, but Harriet reported them both to social services, and Dawn now risks permanently losing Clemmie and getting into problems with the law over Lucas.

When Dawn still can’t seem to get over losing Clemmie the next week, Will becomes concerned for his daughter. Dawn decides to call social services to inquire about the child when he proposes that she do so.

Later, Dawn shocks Billy by telling him that Alex, her ex, is Clemmie’s biological father, which means that Alex cheated on her with Beth while they were together.

The treachery has Dawn indignant and overcome with emotion as she realizes that Clemmie deserves to be with her half-brother Lucas.

When Billy tells her that he called the social service on her behalf to say that they want custody of Clemmie, she is even more startled and appreciative of his change of heart.

Dawn, however, is not optimistic given her past and is put into a tailspin when social services inform her that Alex’s assent is required in order for them to obtain custody.

The two show up at the prison to visit Dawn’s ex-husband since Billy feels that they should at least try.

When he learns that Dawn and Billy are aware of Clemmie, Alex is shocked and flatly declines to allow them to foster her.

However, as Billy lashes out at Alex for his self-centered choice, the drug dealer abruptly changes his mind, much to Dawn’s relief.

But when they see Alex’s smug look, the newlyweds question whether they can trust him or not.

Will Clemmie eventually return to Dawn and Billy, where she belongs? Time will only tell.

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