Emmerdale’s Claire King on managing her health condition after ‘worrying’ diagnosis

Actress Claire King of Emmerdale has always been forthright and honest about her everyday struggle with a serious illness.

The 60-year-old Kim Tate actress has rheumatoid arthritis.

Claire King opens up on health condition

It is a chronic disorder that results in joint discomfort, edema, and stiffness.

To commemorate her 60th birthday, Claire granted an interview in January of this year, during which she spoke candidly about her struggles with the condition and how it impacts her at work.

Claire, who was diagnosed in her 20s, acknowledges that she was first rather “ignorant.”

She said in an interview with OK! Magazine: “When I was first diagnosed, I was worried.”

But she continued, “Treatments have gotten better over time. Every week, I receive a variety of medicines and injections, and I just keep going.

I’ve got metal in some of my fingers

“There are some things I can’t do at work, like wearing deadly heels for more than five minutes,” the soap opera star continued. And because it takes me so long, the costume crew needs to button all of my buttons.

I also take a little longer to do my hair and makeup because I have metal in some of my fingers.

Claire was vulnerable during the pandemic

Due to her susceptibility to COVID-19, the disease meant that Claire had to take a break from Emmerdale during the pandemic.

She revealed she yells at people who refuse to wear a mask as she hit out at virus skeptics last year.

The Sun reported that she had said: “I still yell at individuals for not wearing masks. Isn’t that all it is—respect for other people?

“I also don’t understand why some people are opposed to the vaccine. I’ve gotten both of my shots, and I’ll deal with any adverse affects then.

According to Claire, getting COVID-19 was always the better choice because there was a good probability that she wouldn’t make it through the infection. I don’t object to it. However, show some consideration for other people and put on a mask if you’re not going to have the vaccination.

Kim Tate in Emmerdale

In Emmerdale, Claire King portrays Kim Tate.

Kim has recently experienced a lot.

She is preparing for her wedding to Will Taylor, but his ex-girlfriend Harriet Finch has confessed her love for him and is out to ruin their big day.

In the midst of it all, she learned that her presumed-dead son Jamie Tate is actually still alive and healthy. Additionally, he is a violent person who is accused of pushing his mother-in-law Hazel down the stairs and abandoning her for dead.

Despite all, Millie, her grandchild, was later lost again. And has forced Dawn, Billy, Lucas, Clemmie, and Will’s family out of the Home Farm’s doors.

She has a very solitary future ahead of her.

But Kim is determined to make her marriage to Will work after giving a menacing warning to Harriet.

He is obviously having second thoughts about whether she is the right lady for him.

Will this time be different for Kim, who has a habit of always getting what she wants?

Is she able to keep her man?

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