Emmerdale’s Chas Dingle star issues verdict on ITV show future

The future of Lucy Pargeter’s Emmerdale program has been determined.

The 46-year-old actress is well known for her portrayal of Chas Dingle in the fictitious Yorkshire town. The soap star began appearing on the ITV program in 2002 and is still a significant character.

After having an affair with Al Chapman on the show, she became the focus of a significant narrative. Paddy, her husband, was devastated when he learned and this set off a downward slide into sadness.

Last night, Lucy hosted a Q&A session with followers on Twitter, saying, “I’m frequently shocked by people’s ideas and misconceptions of all areas of my career and lifestyle.

This, I suppose, is mostly due to what they read and watch. What would be the one question you would like to ask? I’m genuinely interested, so please keep it civil and refrain from abuse.

As she said she is happier than ever on Emmerdale and intends to stay for the foreseeable future, Lucy reassured viewers. She uttered: “My life is right here, and my work keeps me busy all the time. Chas will continue to be a part of village life up until the day they kill him off or I start to feel like I’m simply there to pay my expenses.”

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