Emmerdale’s Chas and Al sordid affair exposed as Belle catches pair red-handed

Chas Dingle and Al Chapman’s ongoing relationship has intensified despite their repeated attempts to cool things off, but it could all end next week in Emmerdale.

Post-coital Chas and Al have a delicate moment together at a hotel, and it soon becomes clear that their relationship is much more emotional than just physically.

After they depart, Belle is terrified to see Al and Chas sharing a passionate kiss.

The next day, Chas and Al are embarrassed to learn that Belle saw them together at the hotel and is aware of their affair.

Chas is ashamed to learn that her cousin Belle knows what she has been up to, but can she persuade Belle to keep it a secret from Paddy?

Chas and Al have had their disagreements in the past, but with Faith’s health rapidly declining, Chas has found comfort in Al’s presence.

However, Chas’s husband Paddy, who has done his best to support her during this trying period, is unaware of her previous indiscretions and her covert rendezvous with Al.

Paddy has also been the target of Chas’ savage tongue as she lashes out indignantly repeatedly, which has only made matters worse.

How will Paddy handle learning that his wife Chas is having an illicit affair when he is so in love with Chas?

It would be difficult for Chas’ brother Cain, who considers Al to be one of his closest foes, to tolerate the pair’s risqué behavior.

Will Cain lash out at Al if he finds out about the terminal illness of his mother Faith and make a mistake?

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