Emmerdale’s Chas and Al affair exposed as fans ‘work out’ Cain Dingle twist

ITV viewers were in tears as they watched Rhona Goskirk and Marlon Dingle finally get married during Thursday’s Emmerdale episode.

For the townspeople, coming together to celebrate the happy couple’s wedding was a truly magical occasion.

However, when Al Chapman and Chas Dingle secretly got together at the wedding reception, things took an unexpected turn.

The bartender informed Paddy Kirk that she wasn’t feeling well and needed to get some fresh air.

However, it didn’t take Al long to convince Chas to enter his home since the reception was about to begin.

But when Cain saw Al holding two wine glasses, he almost saw the couple sharing a kiss on the sofa.

In order to take his son’s tablet, the mechanic had allowed himself entry.

Al was taken aback and asked, “Do you usually just go into people’s homes?”

Cain answered, “This is way more upsetting for me, but anyhow, Amy handed me the keys, I’ve just come to get Kyle’s tablet.”

Al responded to the mechanic’s statement that he does a wonderful job by saying, “I don’t know where it is.”

Al was uneasy as Cain made his way to the area at the room’s rear where Chas was camped out.

He didn’t appear to notice his sister was there, though, and he walked right up to the iPad.

Give Kerry my sympathy, Cain instructed Al before departing immediately.

However, just because he made no big deal out of it doesn’t imply he hasn’t resolved their relationship.

After all, Cain could wonder who the second glass of wine was for if he saw Al’s girlfriend Kerry (Laura Norton) at the reception.

Following the shocking episode, Emmerdale viewers discussed how Cain will reveal his sister and Al on social media.

“OMG for Cain of all people to almost catch Chas & Al in the act seriously?” Grianne questioned.

I also find it hard to imagine that Chas would leave her own cousin’s wedding to pursue Al after everything he has been through. (sic)

Cain “is going to rumble them, isn’t he,” said Gemma Chatter.

“I wager that Gabby will keep seeing Kit. Caine will learn about Al and Chas’ relationship “Elcano sent a tweet.

“So wanted Cain to discover Chas with Al #Emmerdale,” Daisy wrote.

Ryan Glendenning tweeted, “B****y hell Chas has a lucky escape there when Cain walked in.”

Dan postulated: “Will Cain discover Al and Chas there? Al is such a horrible person; when will Chas and Al be exposed?” (sic)

Teena said, “I was sad because I was expecting Cain would see Chas with Al.

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