Emmerdale’s Charity Dingle suffers baby loss heartbreak amid shock pregnancy reveal

Fans of Emmerdale were shocked when Charity and Amelia showed up at an abortion clinic and said they were expecting Mackenzie Boyd’s child.

Mack is thrilled to be about to become a father after Charity ultimately opted to keep the child.

However, in a devastating turn of events, spoilers have revealed that Charity is going to miscarry her pregnant child the following week.

The following week, Mack is becoming more comfortable in his position as a devoted spouse after being moved by his sister Moira’s praise of his parenting skills.

Charity, however, is struck by a wave of misery at Jacobs Fold and is left worrying that the baby may be ill. When Mackenzie gets home, he discovers a hurt Charity writhing on the ground.

Mack snatches her up into his arms, but Charity is devastated by his optimism as he hurries her to the hospital because she believes it’s already too late.

While Charity is transported to an early pregnancy unit and left in the waiting room, they both make an effort to hide their anxieties.

When the radiographer goes to see a doctor, the doctor verifies that Charity’s pregnancy is ectopic and not viable.

As he and Charity hear the heartbeat of a child they will never meet, Mackenzie is distraught. The pair is given some privacy by the medical professionals so they can comprehend what is occurring to them.

Charity is compelled to prepare herself for what she must do despite being emotionally exhausted. Charity is appreciative of Mackenzie’s support but also aware that he isn’t as fine as he appears to be.

Later, Charity puts on a brave front and demonstrates that she is going to move on from the loss of her pregnancy by carrying on with her regular life.

In another part of Soapland, Dawn is having trouble adjusting to Clemmie’s presence as she and Billy tell Lucas that she will be moving in with them. But Clemmie needs to be persuaded to leave her social worker’s side.

When Clemmie panics that she has misplaced her doll, tensions rise, and Dawn realizes that she must follow Clemmie’s lead until she adjusts.

Kim consoles Dawn the following day and offers to go out with Clemmie and Lucas for a bit.

When they arrive at the playground, however, Clemmie’s mood begins to deteriorate when Lucas naively takes her toy to play with, and a preoccupied Kim is unaware of what is about to happen.

After hitting and scratching Lucas, Clemmie erupts into tears as Kim reprimands her. Chaos reigns once Billy and Dawn return, and Dawn is furious with herself for leaving Clemmie with Kim.

The Miscarriage Association offers guidance and help if this tale has had an impact on you.

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