Emmerdale’s Caleb set to ‘take revenge on Kim Tate’ as fans ‘work out’ Joe Tate twist

Since then, many have theorized that Caleb may be planning to exact revenge on both Kim and Cain, and that he may have hidden connections to other locals.

Kim Tate revenge plot

Fans have “figured out” a major twist in Caleb and Kim Tate’s recent agreement to establish a stud farm together.

Will Taylor, Kim’s husband, has been cautioning her that Caleb cannot be trusted, but she has not heeded his advice since she believes that Will may be acting jealously.

But do Will’s suspicions have any basis in reality? And is it possible that Caleb is working for someone else to depose Kim?

Fans have predicted a major storyline twist regarding Joe Tate and believe that Caleb may in fact be working for someone else.

Fans speculate that Joe may have hired Caleb, and that the two of them have plans to exact revenge on Kim and Cain Dingle for attempting to murder him.

“Caleb is making everyone angry, but I enjoy that Kim might end up getting what’s coming to her. She believes she controls the village and is the boss of everyone “a fan claimed.

“Is Kim’s past beginning to catch up with her at last? Yet, I still don’t understand how Dingle, Tate, and Caleb are related “remarked a second time.

A third speculated that Joe Tate might be involved, saying: “Who could Caleb be working for if not someone who wants to harm Cain and Kim? He might be related to Joseph Tate, who Cain and Kim both attempted to kill and nearly killed.”

A fourth concurred, “They exact retribution on Cain Dingle in retaliation for Joe Tate.”

Bring back your family farm and exact revenge on Kim Tate, a fifth person said.

Will feud

Several viewers believe that a fight between Caleb and Kim could start since Will Taylor has been trying to warn Kim about him.

Whilst many have hypothesized that Caleb might be chasing Kim Tate, is it possible that he is actually in the Dales to get revenge on Will?

Fans appear to believe this, as one expressed the following hunch: “I have a sense that Caleb is out to get Will and not Cain, because Caleb doesn’t like that man at all.”

Is Caleb really working on a strategy for Will Taylor and not for Tate or Dingle?

Although Caleb’s motivations may not be obvious, fans are certain that a conflict between the two is about to break out.

One supporter yelled, “Caleb Vs. Will conflict begins,” and another added, “Will is right to have concerns about Caleb.”

Caleb is Chloe’s dad

As soap opera producers dispelled one fan notion that Caleb was an undercover cop, viewers believe they may have “figured out” who he might be connected to in the village. Fans have been speculating about Caleb’s true identity on social media.

For years, viewers have conjectured that Caleb might actually be Chloe’s evil father Damon, and that he might be hiding his true identity.

“Given Chloe’s shock pregnancy, might this indicate a future visit from her Dad in prison,” one person asked.

It would be an excellent time to involve Chloe’s father in this, a second said.

“was made out to be such a b**** when she first come to know him, and ever since, he seems to have been completely forgotten about. He must have heard at least something about Noah.” a third said.

In a recent interview, Chloe Harris’s Jessie Elland also made a suggestion that Caleb might be the character’s father.

In response to a question about whether Chloe will ever meet her father, Jessie said to The Media, “I don’t know if we will but I think it would be incredibly interesting.

I am just as eager as everyone else to see what happens with that one, she said when asked if newcomer Caleb Dingle might be Chloe’s father.

Nicky link

Recently, Caleb has been seen conversing with Nicky, the new Home Farm nanny, raising viewers’ concerns that the two might be connected in some way.

Fans have two hypotheses on how they can be connected, with some speculating that Nicky might be assisting Caleb in his efforts to eliminate Cain Dingle and Kim Tate.

“Working together are Nicky and Will. I’m curious to know if Nicky is already an undercover agent for Caleb or Joe Tate.” said one of the fans.

“Do Nicky and Caleb collaborate on @emmerdale? Maybe Caleb’s son?” asked once again.

Another asked, “Are we sure Nicky isn’t working for Caleb?”

Some hypothesized that Caleb might also be secretly linked to him and might even be one of the village character’s kids.

A viewer stated: “Nick grinned at Will when talking about Caleb. Whether Nicky and Caleb are connected, I wonder.”

A second concurred, saying, “I’m sure Chloe Harris, Marcus Dean, and Nicky (the Nanny at Home Farm) are all Caleb’s children.

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