Emmerdale’s Caleb Milligan’s sick revenge plot exposed as he plans to take down enemy

Caleb Milligan, a recent addition to Emmerdale, plans to intensify his sinister scheme against Kim Tate by breaking into her laptop and stealing her passwords so he can eventually steal her riches.

Since it became known that Caleb had planned to kill off his coworker Kim Tate once and for all, he has been engaging in risky behavior.

Viewers just learned that Caleb is the hidden child of Kim Tate’s husband Frank Tate, who tragically passed away in 1997 from a heart attack in scenes.

Kim was present when Frank abruptly passed out after a disagreement, and she abandoned him to perish.

Now that Caleb is in the Dales, he is seeking retribution for his father, and Kim is unaware of this.

As Caleb resolves to betray his own family in an effort to persuade Kim that he is still committed to her, she is on board with his plan to persuade Moira to sell them Butlers.

When Moira tells Cain that she is having trouble making ends meet, Caleb, who has been keeping an eye on her financial situation, offers to help.

When Caleb suggests that she sell her farmland to Kim Tate for the stud farm, Moira is unhappy. However, she swallows her pride and tells Kim to make her a bid.

Nicky, Caleb’s son, tells his father they need to find another means after repeated unsuccessful attempts to input Kim’s password nearly lock her laptop.

However, they quickly come up with a fresh plan after Caleb’s contact Adrian gives him USB sticks so he may infect Kim’s laptop with malware and steal her passwords.

Is Kim about to lose everything?

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