Emmerdale’s Caleb Miligan beaten up as newcomer Harry turns nastier

After attempting to stop illicit behaviour at the chauffeur service, Caleb Miligan from Emmerdale is attacked by thugs the following week.

When Nate Robinson eventually alerts Caleb to the illicit conduct that is occurring without his awareness, Caleb takes action.

Recently, viewers witnessed Nate begin working for the corporation and become involved in the shady business operations thanks to his coworker Corey.

Additionally, it was revealed that Robert Beck, who had starred as Harry in Hollyoaks, was the troublemaker.

In the episodes airing the following week, Nate becomes more uneasy about the situation at work, but he finds solace when Caleb agrees to give him a promotion.

Being promoted to management makes Nate very happy, and he spends no time addressing Corey and demanding that the unlawful work stop immediately.

Nate is appalled when he discovers the errant employee moving illegal firearms because Corey won’t listen to him. Tracy, Nate’s wife, emerges out of nowhere before Nate can react, forcing him to conceal the weapons.

Later, Nate finally explains the situation to Caleb. When Caleb arrives to get the firearms from where Nate left them, they are already gone.

Corey, who cautions that they may all now be in serious peril because the lost guns belonged to dangerous characters, is likewise incensed by the news of the missing weapons.

Caleb arranges a meeting with Harry in an effort to calm the escalating circumstance.

In the face of Harry’s intimidation, he makes an effort to appear unfazed, but his ultimatum to stop the illicit operation doesn’t go over well.

Caleb is put in risk when Harry and his heavy respond by physically assaulting him. Will the beating be brutal?

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