Emmerdale’s Cain Dingle actor Jeff Hordley set to ‘defend’ Noah Dingle as stalking secret exposed

After Noah Dingle’s terrifying stalker secret is eventually revealed, Emmerdale actor Jeff Hordley predicts that his character Cain Dingle will be by his side.

Noah has spent the previous several days surreptitiously monitoring Chloe Harris, viewers of the ITV soap have seen him go to great measures to know her every move.

Fans of the show have been left ‘uncomfortable’ as the teen installed a tracker on her phone and paid for a drone to spy through her bedroom window.

But his secret will finally be revealed in subsequent episodes, when Chloe realizes that Noah is the true perpetrator, leading to a terrifying encounter.

Things grow worse when Noah tries to lock Chloe inside his house, but when his mother Charity walks in and discovers what he’s doing, he’ll have to explain himself.

“Cain would try to help as best he can, and try to make Noah realize the folly of his ways,” Jeff told Digital Spy and other media regarding Cain’s possible role in the plot.

“Cain has always had a warm hole in his heart for Noah.” It’s similar to what happened with Cain and Faith. Noah has had a difficult relationship with his mother.”

The Noah problem could also exacerbate Cain’s and Al Chapman’s existing animosity.

Al gets engaged in the aftermath and confronts Noah since he has a connection with Chloe from his relationship with Kerry Wyatt.

“This is a red rag to a bull, isn’t it?” Jeff added, predicting Cain’s dissatisfaction. Al is the last person in the situation who should be involved.

“However, Al is linked to Kerry, and Kerry is linked to Chloe.” Everything makes clear now. But Al isn’t the right person to defend Chloe – or to go after Noah.”

Noah’s actor, Jack Downham, recently said that he’s not sure whether his character can be forgiven after his heinous behavior.”Right now, I don’t see any way back until he receives serious counseling and has a serious few conversations with individuals about his attitude, about how you think about women, and how you should act around women,” he added.

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