Emmerdale’s Bob Hope fears losing Wendy Posner to new love rival

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Does he have a valid reason to be jealous of Dan Spencer?

Emmerdale spoilers to follow.

Emmerdale’s Bob Hope is soon to begin stressing that he’ll lose his accomplice Wendy Posner, as he persuades himself another adoration rival is attempting to compete for her warm gestures.

In scenes set to air one week from now (from Monday, April 5), Bob (Tony Audenshaw) will open up to Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) about the way that he and Wendy are yet to perfect their relationship.

After Dan recommends he take an action, Bob sorts out a heartfelt evening of shellfish, drama, dim chocolate, and candlelight.

Be that as it may, things blowback when Wendy (Susan Cookson) comes up with a lot of reasons and avoids Bob, leaving him to fixate on whether he’s finished something incorrectly.

The next day, Dan flies round once more and offers to fix Wendy’s vehicle for nothing after she advises him there’s some kind of problem with it during his visit.

Weave spots them together, talking endlessly, and expects to be simply the most noticeably terrible – particularly when he reminds himself how clumsily they left things the prior night.

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Afterward, Wendy makes supper for Dan and Bob. Their supper is hindered however when Bob is called into the bar to manage an unforeseen conveyance.

He’s obviously worried about leaving the lady he’s seeing with his buddy, however, would he say he is on the right track to be stressed?

Under 24 hours after the fact, Dan seems to come up with another rationalization to drop in on Wendy, and when Bob gets back to discover Wendy and Dan playing a game of cards together, his encompassing desire makes him defy Wendy unequivocally on where their relationship stands.

Yet, what is Wendy’s opinion about things?

Emmerdale airs these scenes in the week initiating Monday, April 5 on ITV.


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