Emmerdale’s Billy Fletcher receives a new shock over Dawn

Billy Fletcher of Emmerdale is concerned tonight (July 18), as his wife Dawn’s obsession with the Clemmie situation intensifies.

In the last week’s episodes, Dawn stepped in to prevent Clemmie, the young daughter of her late friend Beth, from growing up in a dangerous environment.

Without informing the authorities, Dawn brought Clemmie back to the village where she spent the night. In the end, Harriet Finch intervened by alerting social services over the phone.

In the Monday episode, Dawn meets with a social worker at Home Farm to talk about the situation.

Dawn argues passionately to the social worker why she ought to be given the opportunity to foster Clemmie.

Being that Dawn hasn’t discussed it with him before making the offer, Billy is alarmed to overhear this.

Billy is especially worried that if Dawn’s mission is a success, it might force them to postpone their plans to have their own biological child.

Dawn is still enraged with Harriet for calling social services without first asking her permission.

Will Taylor, Dawn’s father, is upset by their argument since Dawn feels deceived by Harriet.

Has Harriet permanently lost her family as Dawn grows determined to sever all links with the primary mother figure in her life?

In Monday’s episode, Nicola King worries that her most recent social media post might have sparked a girl’s attack.

In another instance, David Metcalfe and Leyla Cavanagh come to blows over Jacob Gallagher. David tells Leyla some hard truths and charges her with failing to support her son.

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