Emmerdale’s biggest wardrobe malfunctions – exposed underwear to baby bump blunder

Emmerdale is not the first television program that comes to mind when considering high fashion, but that hasn’t stopped the actors from experiencing a number of wardrobe mishaps.

The cast and crew of The Dales have made some amusing fashion mistakes, ranging from fake pregnancy bumps to exposed underwear.

Fans will recall how Marlon Dingle tried to assist with the Nativity fundraising but ended up embarrassing himself more than he prepared for.

There was also the incident where Robert Sugden’s clothing was seen on Pierce Harris.

Bear Wolf’s wig

Back in February 2019, when Paddy Kirk attempted to uncover the truth about his father, things were a little tense.

Chas Dingle scheduled the fighter for a meet and greet at the Woolpack after becoming convinced that amateur wrestler Bear Wolf might be his real father.

Marlon Dingle attempted to snag part of his hair so they could do a DNA test, and chaos ensued.

Marlon made a second attempt for Paddy’s hair, but when he finally used one of his wrestling maneuvers to knock Paddy out, he was shocked when it turned out to be a wig that came away in his hands.

After that, Bear stormed out, leaving the Woolpack patrons speechless.

Pierce Harris wearing Robert Sugden’s clothes

When Robert Sugden cheated on Aaron Dingle, his role in the Yorkshire-based serial was sidelined.

Although Robert was put on hold, astute viewers quickly noticed that his outfit was still present and accounted for in the performance.

Pierce Harris was wearing the actor’s clothes, and when his shirt and joggers appeared in other episodes, spectators couldn’t believe their eyes.

One Twitter user called attention to the errors and wrote: “Is Pierce attempting to emulate Robert Sugden’s sense of style? He wore his shirt first, and now jogging pants?”

“First Pierce had Robert’s shirt on yesterday and his track grey joggers today,” another poster wrote.

“Why is Pierce wearing Robert’s shirt?,” a third person commented.

Marlon Dingle exposed on stage

When Marlon attempted to assist with the Nativity fundraising in December 2017, he discovered that he was displaying more than he had anticipated.

Marlon took over the role of the donkey in the play when the children were unwilling to participate.

He crammed himself into the costume’s front and back, which were clearly designed for much smaller wearers.

He realized his mistake very quickly after turning around and bending over, which caused the costume to tear open and reveal his underwear to everyone.

Headmistress Jessie Grant promptly located him a skirt to replace his destroyed lower half.

Marlon attempted to retaliate, but she said: “Come on, a man in a skirt. It sends kids a good message.”

Andrea Tate’s pyjama backlash

When Andrea Tate experienced a significant wardrobe malfunction in March 2020, Emmerdale viewers were left perplexed.

She was trying to trick Kim into confessing to the murder of Graham Foster at the time.

But what had viewers of the soap opera riveted as they watched the unfolding scenes was her clothing, which appeared to be pyjamas.

Taking to Twitter, onslaught of discussion on the bizarre attire selection ensued.

Why is Andrea wearing pajamas, someone questioned.

Another person said: “Andrea couldn’t act to save her pajamas.”

“Did Andrea forget that she wore her PJ to work?” said a third.

Who reports to work wearing pajamas, Ffs? a fourth confused fan was added.

Despite all the dramatic things that happened in the episode, viewers were still fixated on Andrea coming to work in her pajamas.

One more typed: “Me: I have zero faith in this guy. Why is Andrea dressed in pajamas, mom?”

One person continued, “Ugh those blouses that seem like you went to work in pajamas.”

More I don’t trust Andrea’s client, and Andrea looks like she’s in her pajamas, tweeted one user.

Additionally, “Why does Andrea appear to be wearing pajamas?”

Rebecca White’s baby bump blunder

When Rebecca White’s false pregnancy bump was uncovered in November 2017 due to a wardrobe mishap, Emmerdale viewers were inconsolable.

The slip-up occurred when Rebecca and her sister Chrissie were discussing the upcoming birth of Rebecca’s child with Robert Sugden.

The worried expectant mother asked her sister to be her birth partner and shared her worries with her.

Robert was supposed to be her labor partner, but she remarked, “I’m scared he won’t be that dependable. I figure I can trust on you much more if you’d be willing to do it.”

The two then stood up to embrace after Chrissie stated she would love to, but as they did so, Rebecca’s top shifted, exposing the padding used to create her baby belly.

Following that, fans discussed the error on Twitter.

“Did anyone see a false baby bump on Emmerdale?,” one person commented.

A second wrote: “Opps @emmerdale A peek of Rebecca’s “bump” on Emmerdale was caught.

“Spot the clothing malfunction #emmerdale,” a third tweet read.

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