Emmerdale’s Belle Dingle star issues ‘proud’ update to sister after cancer heartache

Eden Taylor-Draper from Emmerdale has sent her sister a “proud” note.

The actress is well-known for playing Belle Dingle in the made-up Yorkshire village. When she was only six years old, she was cast in the long-running soap opera and quickly rose to fame.

However, she was forced to take a break from the program in 2018 after learning that her younger sister, Francesca, had been given a cancer diagnosis.

Francesca underwent four rounds of chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia and experienced potentially fatal sepsis at one point, but she reacted well to the medication.

Francesca received acute care up until December 2018 and then began receiving maintenance chemotherapy. She would take daily chemotherapy pills in addition to her monthly treatment sessions.

Francesca made a full recovery, continued to study for her A-levels, and joined the Teenage Cancer Trust campaign. On the day of the A-level results, Eden posted on Instagram to express her joy at her sister’s accomplishments.

“So proud of you, bestie,” she exclaimed. Eden previously disclosed that she learned Francesca’s condition while working on the Emmerdale set.

To the Mirror, she stated: “Dad called as I was leaving the set for my tea break, and it all happened so quickly. I sobbed because it seemed like someone had torn my stomach out.

Added her: “When I got the call, Issy Hodgins, who portrays Victoria [Sugden], just hugged me for a very long time.

“I was unable to return to finish my next scene. However, Emmerdale was incredibly accommodating and allowed me to visit Chess at Leeds General Hospital right away.

Eden supported her sister as she fought the illness. “Chessie had her bed, and I had a little bed next to her,” she remarked.

“Mornings would be spent cuddling, drinking tea, and watching Come Dine with Me reruns. I made an effort to keep Chess as cozy as I could. Before going to bed, we would always say, “I love you and everything will be okay.”

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