Emmerdale’s Belle Dingle faces backlash over Tom carjacking

Belle Dingle is the target of Tom King’s rage after she was carjacked in Emmerdale.

Tom turned to Belle for help after being attacked by robbers and having his brand-new car stolen in scenes that aired on Thursday night (September 7).

When Tom arrived at the veterinarian’s office in a shiny new vehicle and offered to take Dawn Taylor for a ride, Belle was displeased, which set the tone for the awful day.

Dawn attempted to defuse the situation by getting Billy and herself on a double date, but the romantic dinner also went awry when Belle and Tom began to quarrel.

A thief confronted Tom as he walked to his car to leave after being called away finally for emergency work for the vets. When Tom refused to give up the keys to his brand-new car, another robber struck him in the head before the two thieves fled with his fancy vehicle.

After discovering her partner injured in the road, Belle was horrified and dialed 911. After some time, Tom turned down medical help and brooded on the situation. Tom insisted he wouldn’t go to the hospital to have his wounds examined when PC Swirling and his partner later stopped by to speak to Belle and Tom.

“Please tell him to go to the hospital,” I beg you. PC Swirling accepted Belle’s beg. “He might have swelling or a concussion.”

Tom snidely chimed in, “Or a headache, from you banging on, more like.”

Even PC Swirling’s advice to get examined was disregarded, and Tom became even more irate when the PC hinted that local burglars might have been browsing social media for potential targets.

“I’m to blame, right? Tom questioned PC Swirling and Belle, “That is what you’re both saying.

PC Swirling said he was “just stating the facts” without passing judgment before hurriedly leaving with his companion. Tom then transferred the blame to Belle, claiming that he had been so worried about offending her that he had failed to even notice the impending carjacking.

Until Tom shouted at her, saying, “Stop telling me what to do and leave me alone! “, Belle insisted on taking him to the nearest A&E to get checked out. Go back to your house and pout like you said you would. I don’t need you here to make the situation worse than it already is.

Tom was left alone to reflect on how he had just hurt the person who loved him the most before Belle hurried away.

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