Emmerdale’s anniversary death horror and 2 more Corrie And Eastenders moments for next week

1. Emmerdale: A storm is brewing on Kim and Will’s wedding day

The dawn of the day of Kim and Will’s wedding finds the future bride riding her horse across the countryside as ominous storm clouds build above.

Kim visits Harriet because she wants to be sure that she won’t be unhappy, but their encounter goes violent when the police officer loses it and grabs her love rival by the throat.

The lady of the manor, however, refuses to be thrashed and, after picking herself up, amazes the neighborhood by riding up on horseback to her wedding.

When Will and Kim are finally pronounced man and wife, a furious storm begins to rage as the guests head to the after-party at Home Farm.

Amelia, who is severely pregnant, begins having contractions while she is driving to meet Noah. She is compelled to seek refuge from the ferocious gusts and calls Dan for assistance, but her phone dies before she can inform her father of her whereabouts.

Lydia alerts everyone at Home Farm, and Kim boldly volunteers to assist in the search while Harriet leaps onto her quad bike and takes out to rescue the terrified teenager. She sees Harriet’s bike’s tire marks while battling the conditions on her horse and chooses to follow the trail into the woods.

2. Coronation Street: Sam contacts killer Harvey

Leanne snuck off to visit Harvey in jail as Sam and Nick prepared to commemorate Natasha’s passing on the first anniversary.

Leanne is taken aback when Harvey tells her that Sam has been writing letters to him and tells her to stop when they are face to face with their old foe.

Sam is confronted by the pair after Leanne arrives home and tells Nick the news. Sam becomes agitated and reveals that all he really wants to know is why Harvey killed his mother.

Nick and Leanne are appalled when the little boy, who is obviously in need of clarification, says he’ll stop writing to Harvey if he may instead visit him.

Later, Sam uses the chance to explain his reasons for wanting to see Harvey when the Platt family gathers in the Bistro for Natasha’s memorial lunch. Much to Nick’s relief, Audrey gives Sam a pep talk and thinks she has convinced him.

Sam, though, is unmoved and tells Hope in the backyard of Number 9 that he has sent Harvey another message.

Harvey receives Sam’s most recent letter in his prison cell and is amused to see a questionnaire Sam has sent him regarding his violent background.

3. EastEnders: Sam makes a move on Jack

Amy makes the decision to take advantage of the empty home in her scheme to sleep with Denzel because Jack and Denise have left for the evening. Lily confides in Stacey because she thinks her buddy is moving too quickly, and she informs Jack of her plans.

Back at Number 27, Denzel tells Amy he wants to take things slowly. However, just as they begin to kiss, a furious Jack bursts in and throws the young man up against the wall. Denise does her utmost to diffuse the situation while Amy, who is horrified by her dad’s behavior, insists nothing happened.

The copper calls his supervisor to inform him that he has been accused of assault just as the copper is beginning to cool off. Sam, Jack’s ex-girlfriend, offers him a sympathetic ear as he expresses his anger over the turn of events.

After a few drinks, the two become close. However, when Sam leans in for a secret kiss, someone is observing and has recorded the entire exchange.

The following morning, Jack is shocked to discover a video of his clinch with Sam from an unknown source, and his day only gets worse when he finds out he has been fired from his job.

In an effort to diffuse the situation, Jack visits Denzel to apologize, but when Denise learns that Sam kissed her husband on camera, chaos ensues.

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