Emmerdale’s Amelia’s troubled past after baby twist: Family tragedy and her real dad

Amelia Spencer, an Emmerdale character who grew up watching the ITV soap opera, will soon appear in a shocking new plot.

This week, 15-year-old Amelia discovered she was pregnant, shocking both her and the audience.

Since 2011, when Amelia was only four years old and actress Daisy Campbell began portraying the role, fans have seen her in the village.

Amelia has over the years been the subject of some sad narratives and unexpected turns, and this is not about to change.

The character Amelia had no idea she was pregnant, and it is unknown if she will tell anyone about it or decide to keep the child.

Additionally, the identity of the baby’s father has not yet been confirmed, despite some fan speculation that it will be either Samson Dingle or Noah Dingle.

The adolescent has, however, previously been at the center of a paternity scandal or significant family drama.

Here’s a look back at some of the teen’s most memorable on-screen experiences as she faces challenging scenes in the future.

Family death tragedy

Over the years, while living in the Dales, Amelia has experienced tremendous loss and upheaval.

The young girl tragically lost her stepmother Ruby in 2015; Ruby died in the helicopter crash.

Three years later, off-screen in a tragic vehicle accident, her mother Ali passed away.

Then, the following year, it was confirmed that Ali’s cousin Rachel had also passed away off-screen; it was said that she had passed away in her home unexpectedly as a result of an undiagnosed cardiac condition.

DNA bombshell

Before a twist was discovered a few years ago, Amelia had always been made to believe that Dan Spencer was her biological father.

A DNA test quickly revealed that Dan’s brother Daz was Amelia’s biological father after it was revealed that he had slept with her mother Ali.

She and Dan were devastated by the revelation, and Amelia soon fled.

While Daz left the village in 2019 and Amelia stayed with Dan, whom she still views as her father, Amelia did eventually return.

Body image struggles

The teen’s difficulties with body image were the most recent plot point before the shocking news of her pregnancy was revealed.

Amelia disliked how she looked and felt under pressure from trolling and likes on social media.

After she realized she wasn’t as attractive as other girls, things only got worse because Noah Dingle used her to make his ex-girlfriend envious.

Amelia wanted to change her appearance because he was spiteful and called her derogatory names when he was rumbled.

She started taking a weight-gaining syrup she had purchased online, which caused side effects and even led to her passing out.

It is currently unclear whether her side effects were actually caused by her covert pregnancy or if the syrup also had an impact.

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