Emmerdale’s Amelia Spencer slammed by viewers as ‘pathetic’

Amelia Spencer has been called “pathetic” by Emmerdale viewers tonight.

Over the past year, Amelia and Noah have dealt with a tumultuous relationship that has involved perverse spying, arguments, and most recently, blackmail.

Although there were occasions when Noah stepped outside of his boundaries, audiences typically supported him because of his contrite demeanor. Despite their agreement that he had changed, Amelia was unable to let him back into her life.

Her treatment of Noah hasn’t been well received by viewers, who frequently describe her as difficult to cope with. She was seen assisting in the salon and confiding in Mandy in tonight’s show.

Some viewers were alarmed by the scene. “Emmerdale is knocking it out of the park lately,” one viewer observed, “but if they try and make us like Amelia again, or see her point of view, they’ll undo all the goodwill they’ve earned from us.”

Another person commented, “Are we supposed to care about Amelia when we know her character is going to turn 180 degrees again next week?” A third person remarked, “Amelia is pathetic right now.”

Finally, a viewer said, “If I were Noah. To Amelia, I would reply, “Give me back the money you spent.”

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