Emmerdale’s Amelia Spencer actor pitched heartbreaking story to producers

The Emmerdale actress Daisy Campbell is well-known for playing Amelia Spencer in the enduring ITV soap opera.

Due to her pregnancy, Amelia is currently going through a terrible time in the community.

The 19-year-old actress, who has been Amelia since she was 8 years old, clearly has a thing or two about plots; she recently admitted that she and her co-star and on-screen father, Liam Fox, suggested the current narrative to producers.

In scenes that were broadcast last week, the character started to experience dizzy spells and eventually passed out.

Amelia was shocked to learn that she was also expecting a child when the doctors informed her that the fall was caused by adverse effects from using diet medications.

As her character Amelia considers getting an abortion on Tuesday’s episode of the ITV breakfast show Lorraine, actress Daisy chatted with stand-in presenter Ranvir Singh about Amelia’s current choice.

“What I find extraordinary is that you went to scriptwriters with this really extremely horrific aspect of Amelia’s life,” Ranvir added.

Liam and I got the thought, ‘Let’s put together a tale that we can offer to the producers,’ Daisy said.

They responded, “Yeah, we’ll think about it,” and after that I learned about the pregnancy and the weight gain plot lines.

Daisy expressed her joy at being a part of the significant plot since it inspired her to get involved with ITV’s Britain Get Talking initiative for mental health.

The soap star went on to say: “With this plot, [Amelia] is showing a really vulnerable side of herself, and worry is growing inside of her. Since she is only 15 and has no one to talk to, I believe it is a great fit for the campaign.

“I wanted this plot to do young teen moms justice,” the author said.

They are very incredible, and I have received a ton of messages from them. For them, I’m undertaking this.”

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