Emmerdale’s Amelia ‘not pregnant’ as viewers ‘expose’ brain tumour horror twist

The majority of Emmerdale viewers are sure Amelia Spencer is not pregnant.

Amelia, the teenager who had just agreed to watch Thomas, became increasingly dizzy and nauseous before collapsing to the floor and dropping Thomas.

The youngster believed the dizzy spells were being caused by the syrup she was taking to lose weight, however she informed in last night’s episode (July 21) that she is in fact pregnant.

In the episode from Friday night, Amelia went to church and broke down in tears after learning she was expecting a child.

Though some think the reason for Amelia’s behavior is much more tragic, viewers aren’t convinced and have started speculating.

One user posted a question on social media: “Is there a brain tumor in Amelia? #Emmerdale.”

“I believe they made a mistake. Amelia is not pregnant, but it is possible, just like with Faye from Coronation Street “claimed one more.

Another remarked, “Amelia not pregnant maybe they got it wrong because it’s kim tate pregnant with will taylor kid at emmerdale 50th anniversary not Amelia and it’s the truth so no.

Four people offered the following theories: “Look, since Amelia has been whining about not being able to attract a boy, there was either something in that syrup that mimics a pregnancy, or the writers have decided to create a virgin pregnancy, and Amelia’s real name is Mary,” one of which was advanced by a fourth.

Many people are of the opinion that Amelia is not pregnant, but others have begun to speculate as to who the father might be, with Noah currently serving a prison sentence being a leading candidate.

“15-year-old Amelia and 18-year-old Noah

This is where #Emmerdale is going, then “one composed.

Added question: “NOAH IS DAD, right? #Emmerdale.”

However, a number of people have argued that because Noah is incarcerated, he is unable to be the father “I believe Samson might be Amelia’s biological father. Noah is ruled out. How could they have sex if Noah has been in prison?”

A second viewer questioned, “Hmmmm have I missed something or has Noah been getting conjugal visits in prison.”

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