Emmerdale’s Amelia makes decision about baby – as fans ‘work out’ paternity twist

On Monday night, Emmerdale aired poignant scenes as teenager Amelia Spencer got ready to tell her dad Dan the truth about her unborn child.

Amelia, 15, found out she was pregnant last week after fainting due to recent health issues.

In the midst of her struggle with body image, she had assumed that her symptoms were caused by the weight gain syrup she’d purchased online.

The baby bombshell has left in her struggling with no one to turn to, amid Kim Tate and Gabby Thomas evicting her and Dan from their home.

In the most recent episode, Amelia was revealed for posing as Gabby to visit Noah Dingle in jail and for dropping off Gabby’s infant son Thomas when she passed out.

Amelia started crying as Amelia and Dan moved their possessions into Harriet Finch’s home after she offered them a place to stay.

She made an effort to tell her father about her pregnancy, but when he got sidetracked, she decided to keep quiet.

Amelia was overheard on the phone later in the episode scheduling an abortion appointment with the hospital.

Amelia sobbed in private as she made the reservation and decided not to carry the pregnancy any further.

Amelia’s decision is still up in the air, and this week a local will learn of her secret.

Amelia will run into Charity Dingle, and as soon as she confides in her, Charity starts to think Noah is the father.

Although the father has not been identified, many viewers believe it to be either Noah or Amelia’s friend Samson Dingle.

On Monday night, viewers thought there might be a significant surprise and that the father would actually be someone “far older.”

“Samson Dingle is the dad. I’ll put a f***ing mortgage on it,” one fan tweeted.

However, someone another tweeted: “I believe Samson may be the father. Since Noah has been incarcerated, it seems too clear to be Noah, and I don’t see how or when Amelia would have had sex with Noah.

Samson, in contrast, sounds a little more believable. Nevertheless, it can also be a much older person.

A third fan agreed on this theory: “We haven’t seen Amelia sleep with anyone, or even been insinuated, but although Noah/Samson are the obvious choice, I think it could be someone older to make it more of a scandal (can’t think who though).”

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