Emmerdale’s Amelia actress reveals baby birth drama after huge mistake

During the 50th anniversary stunt week of Emmerdale, actress Daisy Campbell revealed dramatic scenes for her character Amelia Spencer.

After committing a “mistake,” the pregnant adolescent will give birth just as a deadly storm sweeps across the community.

As a windstorm threatens to harm both Amelia and her unborn child at the same time that she goes into labor, Amelia will be left alone and alone.

Actress Daisy has said that her character’s poor decision to leave the town could put her in danger amid “death and ruin” and bosses guaranteeing “plenty of tears.”

Amelia is en route to Wylie’s farm, where Noah and Marcus are working, to meet up for a picnic, she said.

“She ultimately chooses to take a shortcut, and a violent blast of wind shifts her. She stumbles slightly but is unharmed; nonetheless, she suddenly feels her first contraction.

There is a lot of wind blowing, and a terrible storm is moving toward the settlement.

The weather is not looking good at all, and Daisy said, “She panics briefly because she is unsure of what is happening. She is currently experiencing quite frequent contractions.

She contacts her dad to let him know before she loses contact with him because she knows in her heart that coming out here alone while the weather is deteriorating was a mistake.

“Amelia finds herself in a remote barn since it’s the only location she can locate to take cover.

“At this moment, she is really concerned since, at the age of 16, she is alone in a fierce storm in a remote location. Additionally, she is unable to contact anyone because the storm has completely cut off all phone connections.

“I believe her anxiousness is at an all-time high at this point!”

It is uncertain if Amelia will be saved in time, let alone if she and her child will survive.

Adele found time to play Angela Brown in Hollyoaks in 2015, in addition to making guest appearances in a number of other movies and TV shows, but now that Sienna is a little older, she would really like to return to Emmerdale.

If they asked, I’d absolutely return, she declares.

And if that happened, we would certainly enjoy seeing Kim Tate’s face.

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