Emmerdale’s Alexander Lincoln on his new role away from the village

Where might fans expect to see a former Emmerdale actor next?

The LGBTQ+ film “In From The Side,” which is currently playing in theaters, centers on two homosexual rugby players who find themselves in a perilous love affair despite neither of them being available. Alexander Lincoln, best known for his role as Jamie Tate on the ITV show, plays the lead role.

Viewers of the Yorkshire-based soap opera will recall that Jamie, played by Alexander, had a dramatic exit when he carelessly drove his car out of town and unintentionally drove off a cliff edge into a lake.

Now that Alexander isn’t playing the bad guy, he plays Mark, a rugby player who has a secret six-month relationship with another player. Teamwork, loyalty, and friendship are put to the test as the secret of the marriage starts to come to light.

It’s a really human narrative about lust, love, and decisions, Alexander told the ECHO. The overall impression of the film is that it is welcome to see a homosexual film that focuses less on the difficulties of coming out and more on characters who happen to be gay.

Rugby player in his teen years, the 28-year-old continued, “There is a good distinction between the personas (Jamie Tate and Mark).

My Emmerdale character changed significantly from being a mummy’s boy and a wet blanket to a bad boy villain. In contrast, In from the Side presents a far more accurate picture of a man who is battling a lack of affection in his own relationship. The accent is the only thing that is comparable, but if I recall correctly, I was a little more posher in Emmerdale.

Carl Loughlin, a native of Liverpool, co-stars with Alexander. The 40-year-old actor from Eastham plays Gareth, the rugby team’s bully, and said that his part allowed him to learn more about a subject that was dear to his heart. Carl recalled instances in which he had been “belittled, intimidated, and patronized” to bring his role to life.

He previously admitted to the ECHO that the bullying was so severe that his mother had to be called in. “Every day I got called names, a few times I got spit at in the hallways, and every week someone would peel the skin off the milk cartons so they were thin, use them like water balloons, and throw them at me,” he said.

Carl claimed it was an odd coincidence that he found the part, but as soon as he did, he knew he had to play the part.

“I saw it as a tremendous opportunity, not only because it allowed me to revisit something I knew so well and was so close to home, but also because it allowed me to understand why someone would bully,” he continued. I provided my character a past that reflected the jealousy or insecurities that many bullies appear to have. Although it seemed like a major coincidence, it increased my desire to take on the role.

Today, Friday, September 16, In From the Side debuts in UK theaters, including Liverpool’s Picturehouse and Showcase. The film, which had its world premiere in March 2022 at the British Film Institute Festival, will eventually be made available on Netflix.

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