Emmerdale’s Al Chapman murder ‘sealed’ in ‘brutal Cain twist’ as Chas affair exposed

After Al Chapman’s affair with Chas (Lucy Pargeter) is revealed, Emmerdale viewers assume that Al Chapman’s (Michael Wildman) death has been confirmed.

The two started having an illicit relationship a few months ago and have since continued to act immorally behind the backs of their respective partners.

Despite beginning as a strictly physical connection, it appears like the two are growing close and falling in love with one another.

Although their affections for each other deepen, it seems unlikely that they will have a happy ending because fans are sure that Al will die in the epic 50th anniversary episode that will air in October.

As for how it’s going to finish, I think Al is going to die in a whodunnit, with the suspects being Chas, Cain, or Paddy, one fan speculated on reddit about who they think the suspects could be.

Added by a second “Messily. VERY sloppily. Of course!”

Another said, confirming the idea that Cain might have been responsible for the murder: “Sister of Cain is Chas.

Al plotted to rob her of the bar and was circling her like a dog in heat at the time. He is obviously doing it again now. Chas is in Cain’s care.

A fourth repeated: “I predict Al’s demise. Chas will not meet up with him. He is simply a distraction for her from the hardship of Faith’s passing.”

Chas has sought solace in Al’s companionship rather than his husband Paddy because Faith’s health is rapidly declining (Dominic Brunt).

And given that their affair is revealed in scenes slated to run next week, it appears as though the circumstances leading to Al’s death are about to be put into motion.

According to Emmerdale rumors, Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper), who will see them kissing, will learn about their adultery.

The persistent entanglement erupts when they leave the village and spend the night in a hotel despite numerous attempts to halt it.

Unaware that a frightened Belle has witnessed the entire event, the two enjoy a romantic moment and passionately lock lips there.

The next day, Chas and Al are humiliated to learn that Belle is aware of their relationship, but will she tell Paddy?

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