Emmerdale’s Adam Thomas teases wife as he announces he’ll be on Strictly Come Dancing

Even though the next season of the iconic BBC dancing program Strictly Come Dancing won’t begin for a few more months, one well-known celebrity has confirmed they will participating.

Adam Thomas, a former cast member of Emmerdale, has said that he will be in the competition this year because he wants to “feel the Strictly curse.”

Teddy and Elsie-Rose are the names of the couple’s two children, who Adam and Caroline welcomed into the world in 2017.

Adam, 33, however, now intends to win the Glitter Ball at the end of the year.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the actor expressed his anticipation for the BBC show.

He spoke freely and said: “I’m ready for it all; I enjoy a little flash and sparkle. I was about to say anything at that time, but it would sound inappropriate. Just give me the Strictly curse, please!”

The “curse” is that the famous people who appear on the program wind up getting married or having affairs with their professional dancing partners. This frequently comes at the price of their domestic spouses.

However, it appears that Adam is joking. On social media, the actor frequently discusses family life and regularly posts photos of his adored wife and kids.

Regarding appearing on the program, Adam said: “Cameras behind the scenes, in my opinion; you can be sure you heard it here first. I wish I were the world’s best dancer, but I’m not.

“I do, however, think I’m the best dancer in the world after a few drinks. When sober, the situation is entirely different.

“It would be lovely, but I’ve never won anything in my life, so I’m not particularly competitive.

As corny and cliche as it may sound, the journey and experience you go through are more important than how well you perform in everything you commit to.

“We were all startled by Kelvin Fletcher. We were aware that he could dance, but not that well.

He would often take out the Kelvin shuffle when we went out for a little dancing, but I had no idea he had that in his locker.

“He would never let me get over losing, so I had to win. In addition, he won Strictly and is now performing at the National Theatre, which is actually starting to annoy me a little.”

Nothing regarding the next season of the show has been confirmed by the show or the BBC, despite Adam having confirmed the news. Later in the year, Strictly Come Dancing will return to television.

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