Emmerdale’s Adam Thomas reveals new purchase after ‘falling in love’

Adam Thomas expressed his joy at obtaining his ideal family house.

The Emmerdale actor shared a sweet video of his wife Caroline crying after hearing the news on Instagram. The couple received word that their dream home was now theirs over the phone from a person they took to be an estate agent.

Only Empire of the Sun’s Walking On A Dream is playing over the footage, which was shot in black and white. “Does anyone else browse on Rightmove browsing around properties you can’t afford… thinking one day!!” the lengthy caption said.

“That’s what @carolinethomas23 and I do, but one day we decided to go view one without any plans to really buy it, but we instantly fell in love! We submitted an offer an hour later, and a few days later they accepted it!

“We had 21 days to obtain the money and a mortgage because it had been repossessed. We did not believe it was feasible! Of course it was! I won’t reveal too much just yet. but this is the moment we learned we would be picking up the keys and introducing Little Ted to his new room!

“The past year has been the most crazy of my life, and while I am quite conscious of how fortunate I am, I also know that my good fortune is about to run out. But until then, I’m going to relish every moment!”

Adam recently made it known that he would be taking part in the upcoming season of Strictly Come Dancing. The 33-year-old declared in a previous interview that he was prepared to dive in head first and take on everything the program has to offer.

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