Emmerdale’s Aaron Dingle issues chilling warning to Al as fans ‘cringe’ at Kim’s hen do

In tonight’s Emmerdale episode, Aaron Dingle made a terrifying threat to kill Al Chapman after seeing him kissing Chas.

Aaron handed his mother an ultimatum to leave him or risk losing her son and husband Paddy in yesterday night’s episode of the ITV soap opera when he saw Chas and Al sharing a kiss.

Kerry is arranging her Hollywood-style wedding with Al, but it doesn’t appear like Chas and Al will avoid one another.

Al is pressuring Chas to say whether she wants to be with him or not, but she is distracted since her dying mother Faith has an uncontrollable moment of confusion.

When Chas later wrapped herself around Paddy, who was sobbing, Aaron was shocked to find her messaging Al. Aaron, who is anxious to tell his father everything that has been happening, visited Al and punched him in the face instead.

He continued by threatening to kill and bury him if he didn’t stay away from his mother. On another episode, an unaware Kim was having her hen party and her friend Lydia surprised her with a Neil Diamond tribute act.

Kim eagerly joined Neil in singing “Forever In Blue Jeans” while he sang it, appearing to be having a great time on her big day.

The tribute act, however, wasn’t well received by spectators at home because they immediately posted on social media that they “cringed” at the performance.

@realmarkjames20 “Wat a cringey party – as for Neil Diamond tribute act,” someone tweeted. #emmerdale.” “Oh my god…cringe overload,” wrote @angelaward14602. #emmerdale.”

“Neil diamond tribute act he sounds horrible #emmerdale,” tweeted @tommufc9524. OMG that Neil Diamond “tribute,” and the vocals, @Berniedoll commented. I feel embarrassed when I see that.

Who would have guessed that Kim Tate singing with a Neil Diamond imitation would be the most upsetting scene in Emmerdale, tweeted @tinamariedee.

As @Crazier continued, “#emmerdale a tribute band to Neil Diamond. That would be sufficient for me to flee the country, call off the wedding, and escape out the bathroom window!

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