Emmerdale’s 50th spoilers: Triple return, life-changing storm and ‘murder twist’

Fans of Emmerdale should get ready for a terrible windstorm that will batter the village in October and put lives in danger.

It is safe to assume that not everyone will make it out alive given the possibility of deaths and a murder.

The community and its citizens will undoubtedly never be the same again, and the events are expected to have a lasting effect on everyone.

Huge stories come to a climax along with the catastrophic storm, with game-changing shocks on the horizon, including large returns, big discoveries, showdowns, and a potential prison sentence for one character.

Here is a list of everything the soap opera’s executives have so far confirmed regarding the milestone episodes, with plenty to look forward to.

Faith’s storyline

The recent news that Faith’s cancer had returned and was now terminal saddened the Emmerdale community.

The tale will continue up until the 50th anniversary, and it has been hinted that this will be the character’s final appearance.

While maintaining mum on what transpires, Cain Dingle actor Jeff Hordley told The Mirror and other media that he was grieved by the loss of Sally Dexter. He did, however, clarify that his role in the 50th episodes would be connected to the Dingles and Faith’s tale.

It is well known for its killings, you know. Emmerdale means that a murderer is almost always waiting around the next corner.

Epic stunts and a deadly storm

The 50th anniversary episodes of the soap opera will show viewers a severe wind storm hit the community, putting lives in danger.

Bosses have now stated that most characters will be involved in some form, with some expected to suffer from significant injuries, in light of recent cast members’ death-related teases.

Characters are in great danger, producers Jane Hudson and Kate Brooks revealed to The Mirror and other media when information was finally validated.

As the storm decimates the community and the lives of those who dwell there, filming for the series of stunts is currently taking place.

Kate revealed: “Although there is a general month of celebrations, the major 50th week will focus on a massive storm that will undoubtedly leave a massive trail of destruction in its wake and smash through the community.

“There will be danger to some of our most beloved villagers. Since this storm has such a significant impact on people’s life, it is safe to state that the town literally won’t be the same after this and it will never be the same again.”

Jane tacked on “Thus, the entire storm occurs over the course of three or four episodes in one day. And it’s all during the day. It primarily consists of wind instead of rain.

We are now testing some incredible wind machines, which are spectacular, but working with them is a pain.

She previously said: “Throughout the month, you will see tales that will move you to tears, make you laugh aloud, and, of course, astound you with some of the most incredible acts you have ever witnessed.”

Amelia gives birth?

Amelia Spencer, a teenage girl who is pregnant, may give birth during the significant month, according to Jane.

Since it was hinted earlier in the year that a baby would arrive around this time, viewers have been speculating that pregnant Amelia will give birth during the special episodes.

Now that Jane has hinted that Amelia may not give birth during the big week, the teen is engrossed in the major episodes.

“Amelia is due soon, and I course won’t tell you whether or not she has the baby in the 50th celebrations,” she said.

“But Amelia does play a very significant part in the storm, and she does play a very big part when she needs to be located because she’s stuck on her own.

“You’ll just have to wait and witness that, and then moving ahead, we simply have the Dingles’ brilliance against the Spencers’ against everyone, and there are going to be some fantastic, true family fights between these,” the speaker said.

“That story has a lot of legs,” someone said. “There are some fantastic situations coming up.”

Kim and Will wedding drama

The upcoming wedding of Kim Tate and Will Taylor, which is expected to be dramatic, is another significant occasion.

Along with a literal storm building, Kim and Will’s ex Harriet Finch might be up for a showdown.

According to actress Katherine Dow Blyton, there will “”Harriet is definitely playing with fire,” the song declares. But you know, she has to express her sentiments before he walks down the aisle since it’s the last opportunity saloon. And that’s it after that.”

“There will be fireworks and then some more fireworks,” she continued. “We should be doing this on November 5! They undoubtedly will have their times, yes.

Kim will overhear Harriet telling Will she loves him forever, so undoubtedly there will be many fireworks, according to Kate Brooks.

Kim is not pleased about that, Katherine continued. Timing should be discussed before the wedding.

Jane hinted at the wedding’s involvement by saying, “Everyone is involved. Saying who is not involved is simpler. There is, of course, the wedding of Kim and Will.

Therefore, everyone associated with Kim and Will has a significant role to play in the 50th plot.

Soap firsts

Bosses have also said that several of the major month’s components have never appeared in a soap opera.

“In terms of filmmaking, what we’re doing at the scale that we’re doing is quite unusual,” said Kate. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking to be a part of the Big Storm Week because I believe there are things there that I haven’t seen on a soap before.

“I think it will feel tremendously different from [the last storm we experienced], and it involves so many of our relatives,” Jane continued. Since the storm hits the entire town rather than just a tiny portion of it, I predict that it will feel different in general and that one element in particular will feel very different.

There is one aspect that, in my opinion, no one else has handled, and Emmerdale is the only soap that could handle it given our location.

She continued, mentioning individual characters: “Nate, Sam, and Belle are involved in a scenario that only Emmerdale could pull off. And that will take up a big portion of the 50th as well.”

Three big returns

Later this year, Aaron Dingle, Diane Sugden, and Tracy Metcalfe will all make brief cameo appearances for storylines, with one of the three having a “big” narrative in store.

According to reports, all of the returnees will be related to ongoing plotlines, and their appearances and remarks will have an effect on others around them.

Before making a potential long-term comeback later on, one character will bring major news with them.

Danny Miller left the serial opera as Aaron last year, but the producers have announced he will return. He might now be involved in two major plotlines.

Amy Walsh, who played Tracy, went on maternity leave after her final scenes aired in January. It is unknown at this moment whether she will be making a full-time comeback.

Regarding Diane, soap opera legend Elizabeth Estensen resigned from the ITV soap last year after more than 20 years on the show.

Producers Jane Hudson and Kate Brooks discussed the results and what it would mean for the villagers in interviews with The Mirror and other media.

Kate revealed: “Diane, Aaron, and Tracy are making their way back to the Dales, bringing with them some very well-known figures. All of them will return, even if only briefly, and they all will be seen again.

“They will be at the center of some extremely significant narratives that will have an effect on both their own lives as well as the lives of the individuals they leave behind. So everything is fantastic and very exciting.”

Jane continued: “This means that in addition to Tracy, who is returning with some of her own news, we also have Diane. What will Nate say in response to that?

“Aaron is, of course, back. Will Aaron learn that his mother is having an affair with Paddy, whom he views as his father? Will he find out that Sandra isn’t just about Liv? Consequently, there is a major tale developing there.”

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