Emmerdale Zoe Henry’s ‘failure’ admission as she lifts lid on life with famous husband

Star of Emmerdale Zoe Henry has opened up about her relationship with her famous husband.

The soap opera actress is well-known for playing Rhona Ghoskirk in the ITV program. Since her fiancé Marlon Dingle had a stroke in recent months, Rhona has experienced some turmoil on the soap opera.

As they finally got married yesterday night, the two experienced a change for the better. Outside of the fictional Yorkshire community, co-star Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain Dingle, is married to Zoe. The two have been in a relationship since their initial encounter at acting school in 1994.

On Thursday’s episode of Lorraine, Zoe made an appearance and shared details about her family. The two are enthusiastic gardeners who take great care of their home’s allotment.

Ranvir was informed by the soap opera star that they are still learning. She uttered: “We’re fervent amateurs, in my opinion. We are not experts in any way. Our cucumbers failed for the second year in a row, so we had to pull them up. We’re not very good, but we’re still learning!”

When Rhona and Marlon exchange vows in the church with Cain there, Zoe told the ECHO in an exclusive interview that the occasion did not feel odd.

She uttered: “Since I also married Paddy in front of him, it wasn’t the first time, but let’s go on from that. We do it for a living. I’m aware that it appears that I’m pedestrianizing it. We entered the country jointly and returned home together. On the drive home, we discussed the allotment. It was really informal since Jeff seemed to be unfazed by it.”

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