Emmerdale wins big at national TV awards ceremony

The Emmerdale actors were recognized for their outstanding acting by receiving many Entertainment Daily Awards.

The soap opera has a history of dramatic plotlines, and they just celebrated their 50th anniversary, which was full of dramatic turns and fatalities that came as a shock to many.

Viewers witnessed Faith Dingle’s death during the anniversary specials as her cancer took over her body. Additionally, Liv and Harriet tragically passed away after a catastrophic storm struck the village.

Other places on the soap Marlon faced a heartbreaking health battle after having a stroke, but after a few weeks in the hospital, he is now recovering.

The fictional village drama must be captivating viewers because it took home four honors at the Entertainment Daily Awards.

They were recognized for their work in the categories of Best Soap, Best Soap Villain (Meena Jutla), Best Soap Double Act (Paddy and Marlon), and Stand-Out Soap Moment (Faith’s dying scenes).

describing their significant victory Mark Charnock, an Emmerdale actor, expressed his joy at the ITV soap’s numerous accolades.

“Winning the public vote is kind of exciting, “He said to ED! “Because you do it for the viewers, their response means so much more to you. We’ve received a lot of prizes this year, and it’s exciting, so there’s no use in lying.

“I think we tell our stories extremely well,” Mark concluded. We have a really nice balance between the age groups and the types of stories we tell.

“This year, we had that dramatic storm storyline. We have had a tremendously devoted audience for a very long period, which is excellent, in my opinion.

Following their win for Best Soap Double Act, Dominic Brunt, who plays Paddy, and Mark talked about their friendship.

The one positive thing I can say about working with him, he added, is that we always have fun. We communicate so well with one another in our professional relationship that we seldom ever need to express our intentions to one another aloud.

So it appears as though we are speaking a secret language. He’s going to do something, and I can see it, so I’ll try to respond. When you’ve been working with someone for that long, it’s an incredible thing to have. In fact, I value it greatly.

I won’t speak for him, but I value it because it’s rare to have that type of working connection, so when it does, it’s really remarkable.

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