Emmerdale viewers ‘work out’ Sandra Flaherty’s true identity in DNA twist

In an effort to defraud her daughter Liv Flaherty of her inheritance money, Sandra Flaherty made a surprise return to Emmerdale earlier this year.

Fans believe they have uncovered a significant DNA twist that might force Sandra to leave the ITV soap opera, despite the fact that it seems like she will do anything to get her hands on Liv’s money.

Sandra has been planning to ruin Liv’s life in recent weeks in order to make money.

She is making every effort to end Liv’s union with Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson).

The cunning mother has also been making sure that her daughter, who is in recovery from alcoholism, takes a drink or two.

But astute fans now believe they have discovered Sandra’s true identity and have proposed that she is not even Liv’s biological mother.

They believe the cunning figure has been impersonating Liv’s mother in order to get closer to her.

“Don’t know if this is true but I heard a long back that Aaron comes back and exposes Sandra as she’s not actually Liv’s mum,” wrote one Emmerdale fan on Facebook.

Other viewers have identified a flaw in Sandra’s scheme to burglarize her daughter’s home, and they vented their annoyance on Twitter.

How can she sell the house when Aaron [Dingle] owns half of it, wrote Lisa Marie Barnett? Please end this plot as soon as possible by catching her and killing off this obnoxious, meaningless character.

I’m perplexed, too, Deb Aindow said. “How will she be able to sell the house and receive the money when it isn’t her house, merely by persuading Liv and Vinny to split up?”

Have the writers forgotten that it’s partially Aron’s home and that they couldn’t function without him? asked Janice White.

As part of the soap opera’s 50th anniversary festivities, Liv’s brother Aaron (Danny Miller) is scheduled to return to the Dales the following month, but his storyline is being kept a secret.

A respectable mother, according to Pam, wouldn’t try to tamper with their daughter’s drink, meddle in their daughter’s marriage, or create schemes to rob her of her home and money on Emmerdale.

What a disgusting lady and excuse for a mother, #emmerdale, Sandra deserves to receive what’s coming to her, and real soon too, Taylor raged.

“Please let Sandra be sussed out soon #emmerdale,” Frances continued.

When the soap opera reaches its 50th anniversary, will Sandra’s web of deception finally come to light, or will she be able to con Liv and escape Yorkshire?

Perhaps Aaron’s return to the community will allow Liv to reconsider her feelings toward Sandra.

Fans of Emmerdale may recall that Aaron left the community when Meena Jutla killed his boyfriend Ben Tucker.

It was too traumatic for him to stay in the Dales surrounded by memories, so he yearned to start over.

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