Emmerdale viewers ‘work out’ new B&B owner as Bernice makes a shocking confession

Because Bernice made a startling confession, viewers of Emmerdale believe she will give Nicola the B&B. When Nicola discovered bailiffs taking stuff out of her house on a recent episode, she was shocked to learn that she hadn’t repaid her debt.

Since Nicola was positive she hadn’t taken out any money, she was perplexed. A note from Bernice, who acknowledged that she had requested the money and chose to flee rather than face the reality, was subsequently discovered by Nicola.

In tonight’s episode of the popular ITV soap opera, Bob and Wendy were attempting to tidy up the B&B.

Cathy subsequently discovered Bernice, who was too poor to flee and start again, meditating on the floor of her home.

When Bernice had to face everyone, she revealed that she had accumulated debt since her return and that she had never been able to fully get back on track.

Bernice has no choice but to denounce her to the authorities, Nicola said, pointing out that her family now has nothing.

Many believe Bernice will give Nicola the B&B in order to stay out of jail. In a tweet, @mikepriestley13 asked if Nicola would actually report her to the police. Bernice will probably give Nicola the BnB. #Emmerdale

“After Bernice leaves, Nicola will be running the B&B,” stated @Rileymscott.@Chris1968E made the following comment: “#Emmerdale imagines working together in a B&B with Nicola.”

According to @fordy1952, “Why do they write these things?”Nicola should report Bernice to the police,” but it’s evident that she won’t! In #Emmerdale.

However, @Zombiechick1967 continued, saying: “So the @emmerdale authors aren’t going to explain why Nicola hasn’t had any correspondence from the loan company? Given that she would have had a lot! Completely absurd, with hardly any consideration at all! A heap of garbage #Emmerdale

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