Emmerdale viewers ‘work out’ Leyla Harding relapse after New Year’s Eve rejection

Despite the fact that Roxy Shahidi’s Leyla (an Emmerdale fan favorite) just wed Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) in 2021, the couple had a rocky beginning to their union and opted to split early in 2022.

However, after spending portion of the holiday season with Liam, heroin addict in recovery Leyla hoped to see him again.

But when Leyla opened up to Liam on Saturday’s New Year’s Eve episode, he didn’t seem to share her sentiments. ITV soap opera viewers “predicted” that the damaged character would relapse as she walked away in tears.

Leyla arrived at The Woolpack after the locals had gathered to ring in the new year.

When Liam welcomed her, she told him about their divorce.

Liam said with a smile, “Hello, I was starting to worry you wouldn’t make it.”

Leyla retorted, “I nearly didn’t actually; I’ve been going crazy trying to decide whether I should show here or stay away.

She acknowledged: “I wasn’t sure whether you meant it, you know. Liam questioned why.

“If you truly want my presence. However, it’s five minutes to the stroke of midnight, and I won’t let this year pass without saying this.

“Yesterday, you know, the family affair – me and you and the meal.

Didn’t that make you wonder if we are rushing into this, just maybe?

Liam was perplexed as she continued, “Do you truly want a divorce?”

Liam’s look immediately indicated that Leyla’s comments had taken him by surprise.

Leyla, it was only play-acting, for Jacob’s (Gallagher, Joe-Warren Plant) friend, he said, looking perplexed.

However, Leyla pointed out that play-acting was what ultimately brought the two of them together.

Liam nodded, “True, true,” before he said, “But… I’m not sure anyone’s ready for the sequel yet, is he?

Leyla looked embarrassed as Liam went on: “Just pause there for a moment, please. Okay, let me just fetch us some beverages.”

Leyla, distraught, just walked away as Liam went to grab the drinks.

After watching the program, viewers instantly posted on social media to show their support and concern for Leyla.

Many feared Leyla’s drug use may return as a result of the distressing rejection.

@RyanTheSoapking, a user on Twitter, wrote: “Tonight, I felt horrible for Leyla. I really hope she doesn’t #Emmerdale relapse.”

“Ffs Liam – don’t push Leyla into the arms of Dim Dave – not for round two pls!!!! #emmerdale,” @penniless poet continued. (sic)

What @Tonguetwisteruk foresaw “#Emmerdale Leyla might be in for another tumble, in my opinion.”

Domain Harry commented with the hashtag #emmerdale and the heartbreak emoji, “Oh no poor Leyla.”

“Oh Leyla don’t walk off. #Emmerdale,” said @EnfieldGarry.

Posted by @paulineburke6: “Leyla, what does she see in Liam? He is a prize rat! #Emmerdale.”

Leyla had a challenging year due to her addiction. She started using cocaine throughout the summer as her marriage fell apart.

After Liam’s rejection, Leyla is likely to feel more alone than ever, and it’s probable that 2023 may witness her returning to the dark path.

Will she have access to the support she needs?

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