Emmerdale viewers ‘work out’ dark turn for Dan Spencer ahead of court case

Viewers of Emmerdale are certain they know what will happen to Dan Spencer before his court appearance after he attacked stalker Lloyd Sawyer.

Dan, Amelia’s protective father, recently intervened when one of her social media stalkers began to stalk her in recent episodes.

Dan found Lloyd’s workplace in tense conditions, warned him to leave, and then left a voicemail threatening to kill him.

When he lost his temper and ended up hitting Tom, things quickly took a terrible turn.

Dan’s future is unknown because of the catastrophic damage Lloyd sustained from the one punch, which forced him to struggle for his life.

Following his attack on the village stalker, Dan finally learned the date of his formal plea hearing during Friday’s episode of the popular ITV soap opera.

Dan’s statement to his daughter that “I will get through this, but not here” has viewers worried that his behaviour would turn dark. Fans are currently presuming the worst. @rileymscott Feel like Dan will start drinking now, someone tweeted.

“I have a feeling that Dan might try to commit suicide like Paddy did,” said @RyanTheSoapking. #Emmerdale.”

Was Dan indicating that he is considering doing a runner, @itzzzo continued? If he does, can he take Amelia with him? He claimed that he will overcome this but not right here. Oh, and pretty much all the other characters as well! #Emmerdale.”

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